For 130 years, Sennelier goes on with increasing fervor to combine the traditions of the old masters with the innovations of modern chemistry, to please today & tomorrow’s artists. LEARN MORE NEW at Opus Stewart Parvin is a Couturier with over 25 years’ experience of making clothes for the rich and famous. His hands-on attitude towards the creative process and his exacting eye for technical detail have helped him to produce renowned outfits. STEWART PARVIN WATCH THE VIDEO DONATE Conceived in 2007, Studio 101 is an Eastside Culture Crawl program dedicated to supporting diverse and engaging artistic experiences for Vancouver's inner-city youth. READ THE ARTICLE We believe in supporting students in their pursuit of a career in the arts. Learn More We invite you to apply for the Opus A+ Membership for post-secondary Students (and Faculty!) enrolled in a Visual Arts and Design program. The Creative Endeavours gallery is now accepting submissions! Whether you’re working on a big new project, making designs for a mural, printing prints or stickers to sell online, setting up your online portfolio, applying for art grants, or getting work prepped and framed for a show, now is your chance to shout it out to the world and share what you’re creating! LEARN MORE