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Opus Daily Practice Challenge

Level up your art in February! Challenge yourself to 29 days of creativity and share daily on instagram with #OpusDailyPractice.

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Are you up for the challenge?

🎨 Create daily! You can use our prompts - or make up your own.

📱 Post daily to #OpusDailyPractice on instagram to be entered to WIN

🏆 Each week we'll be giving away an ultimate prize pack to a lucky participant.

Psst. If you prefer Facebook, click here.

Daily Prompts

Save the prompt list or print it out to follow along for the month. We'll also be posting the prompts every Sunday on Instagram and daily on Facebook.

Need a little daily motivation?

Opus Daily Practice

Text "ODP" to (844) 582-1419 for daily prompts to spark your creativity.

#OpusDailyPractice Challenge Gallery

Post to Instagram using #OpusDailyPractice to submit your entries for a chance to WIN!

Discover How Practice Makes Progress

Practice With Kyrra Kosar

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Practice With Sharon Leung

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Practice With Renae Kobayashi

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Opus Daily Practice Challenge is a 29-day challenge hosted by an art supply brand in February. The challenge consists of 29 prompts, one for each day, and encourages artists to post their daily art practice to the hashtag #OpusDailyPractice on Instagram.

To participate in the challenge, simply pick up your art supplies and create something based on the daily prompt or your own prompts. Then, post an image of your artwork on Instagram using the hashtag #OpusDailyPractice.

The challenge starts on February 1st and ends on February 29th, 2024.

Yes! While the challenge is built to work seamlessly with Instagram. You can still participate on Facebook and be entered to WIN prizes. It just takes a few additional steps.

On Facebook, we'll post a daily prompt as an image. You can comment on the daily post with an attachment of your artwork and share your updates on how your practice is going, what you learned, etc.

Now, if you'd like to be featured in the gallery above, that requires you to post a stand alone to your timeline and mention our Facebook Page OpusArtSupplies. Plus, use the hashtag #OpusDailyPractice in the description of your post.

To share your daily practice entry during the challenge, post an image or reel of it on Instagram using the hashtag #OpusDailyPractice.

You can win prizes during Opus Daily Practice by sharing your work on Instagram using the hashtag, #opusdailypractice at least once a week. Prizes will be awarded randomly once a week.

Yes, you can use your own prompts instead of the provided ones. The challenge is meant to be flexible and to encourage creativity. The most important part is that you practice and share daily.

You can create any kind of art that you enjoy, such as painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, etc. The challenge is meant to encourage artistic expression, so feel free to let your creativity flow.

Yes, you can share your artwork on other social media platforms, but to be eligible for prizes and to be featured on our website, you need to post your artwork on Instagram using the hashtag #OpusDailyPractice.

To enter the gallery above with Instagram, post to your image or reel to your feed with the hashtag #OpusDailyPractice.

To enter the gallery above with Facebook mention our Facebook Page, Opus Art Supplies, and use the hashtag #opusdailypractice.

Yes, the challenge is open to artists from any country. Although, to be eligible to win prizes you must be able to pick the prize up from an Opus Art Supplies location.