Outdoor Art Essentials

Go Create Outdoors!

Grab your favourite plein air painting supplies from top brands and get ready to create amazing art outdoors!

Outdoor Painting Essentials

Explore a curated selection of materials designed to withstand the elements and make transportation a breeze. Perfect for artists who love painting en plein air.

Acrylic Painting Outdoors

Acrylics are trustworthy and rapid drying. For longer sessions, use with a Sta-Wet Palette or an Acrylic Medium to prolong their drying time.

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Watercolour Painting Outdoors

Watercolors and a sketchbook are easy to pack, ideal for spur-of-the-moment plein air painting. Toss in watercolor markers for added finesse!

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Oil Painting Outdoors

Channel the masters like Sargent and Renoir with oil colors! Perfect for vibrant outdoor scenes, oil paint dries slowly so bring an oil medium for faster drying.

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Drawing Outdoors

From a solo pencil in your back pocket to a box bursting with colours, capturing the world around us is easy breezy with pens, markers, and pencils.

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Pastel Outdoors

Head outdoors with pastels, loved for their blend ability and pigmented colour. Let the open skies and magic of pastels paint the scene.

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Must-Have Accesories

It's the little things that make art outdoors easy - like watercups, aprons, easels, viewcatchers, colourwheels, and more!

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