Opus Plein Air Challenge

June 15 to July 31, 2024

Ready to head outdoors?

It's almost time for the Opus Plein Air Challenge!

How To Participate

The Opus Plein Air Challenge offers flexible ways to participate that fit your summer schedule! We'll be hosting artist-led events throughout the 6 weeks, a Canada Day community challenge, and a self-guided challenge that you can do wherever you are!

Meet us at one of our events


Join a Plein Air Adventure

These artist-led community outings are everyone new favourite way to participate. Sign up for an event, meet at the Opus store, and head out as a group from their to enjoy to plein air experience.



Join the Challenge on Canada Day

Our longest running community event, formally known as the Outdoor Painting Challenge, this one-day community event draws in thousands on Canada Day all in the name of a good community challenge.

Join online on Instagram

On the road this Summer? Bring your supplies and capture your plein air moment!

Share your outing on instagram with us and include the event hashtag #OpusPleinAirChallenge to participate from June 15 to July 31, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

The Opus Plein Air Challenge, is an annual community challenge by Opus Art Supplies that encourages artists to take their art practice outdoors. Historically, the challenge took place on 1 specific day, drawing crowds from all over. Today, the challenge has evolved to allow users to participate in more ways than ever before: on your own, with a small group, or at the 1-day event.

To Participate in the Opus Plein Air Challenge, you have 3 options:

  1. Go outdoors and enjoy a day plein air painting, capture some moment and share your experience to our #OpusPleinAirChallenge gallery on Instagram.
  2. Join an artist on a Plein Air Adventure. Each store will be hosting local artists to take artists around the community plein air painting.
  3. Join your favourite Opus location on their July 1st event, where you can WIN prizes that same day, join in the community celebrations, and capture it all in your Plein Air artwork.

You can participate in a variety of events or go out on your own from June 15,2024 to July 31, 2024.

To share your artwork to our online gallery, post an image of it on Instagram using the hashtag #OpusPleinAirChallenge.

There are many ways to win prizes with this year's Opus Plein Air Challenge:

If participating in the virtual online gallery, prizes will be awarded to randomly selected participants shortly after July 31, 2024.

If participating in a plein-air adventure, you will receive entry slips for our store draw after each outing. Prizes will be drawn and winners will be contacted shortly after July 31, 2024.

If participating in the one-day July 1, 2024 event at your favourite opus location, prizes will be randomly awarded to randomly selected participants that same day during the closing remarks near the end of the indicated event time.

You can create any kind of art that you enjoy, such as painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, etc. The challenge is meant to encourage artistic expression, so feel free to let your creativity flow! We will say, some mediums are harder to practice outdoors. We recommend: watercolour painting, acrylic painting, oil painting, and drawing.

You definitely can! While entries are only gained by sharing/posting on Instagram using the hashtag #OpusPleinAirChallenge, we encourage everyone to share their experience of creating outdoors.

Yes, the challenge is open to artists from any country. Although, to be eligible to win prizes you must be able to pick the prize up from an Opus Art Supplies location.

Plein Air Challenge Supporters