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The Essence of Plein Air with Sheree Jones
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Plein air oil painter Sheree Jones shares her insights on the exciting experiences of painting outdoors.

Get inspired by the adventures Sheree has had, as she learned to take her art practice out of the studio and into the outdoors. Sheree is enthusiastic about the workshops she teaches, both locally and abroad.

To learn some of Sheree's techniques for painting outdoors and learn great tips for making your next outing more successful, watch Oil Techniques: Painting en Plein Air with Sheree Jones.

Discover more tips for your oil painting palette when you watch Oil Techniques: The Limited Palette with Sheree Jones
 where she sets up her preferred limited palette for painting outdoors and explains how having these colours on hand allows you to create almost any mix you'll need.

Paint alongside Sheree! Join her Plein Air Adventures at Granville Island

See more of Sheree Jones' work at shereejones.com

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