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Congratulations, we did it! 💜

The Art Brings Us Together fundraiser surpassed it's goal!

This past holiday season, Opus Art Supplies challenged you with our 4th annual Art Brings Us Together fundraiser to shop and gift with heart by shopping Opus brand products to help raise money for local arts organizations and schools chosen by each Opus location. [ Read article: Art Brings Us Together 2023]

You beat the goal and raised more than ever with a total of $28,000 raised for local arts organizations and art programs!

Now we had already commited 17 $1,000 gift cards to organizations our stores had selected for the Art Brings Us Together. However, what should we do with the surplus?!

Where should we donate the surplus raised through the Art Brings Us Together fundraiser? Well, as we have done for the last 4 years during Art Brings Us Together, we've allowed you to decide! Earlier, we put a call out for you to nominate your favourite local arts organization to receive a 1 of 11 $1000 Opus Gift Card - now it's time to vote!

Vote for your favourite arts organization to WIN a $1,000 Opus Gift Card!

After the votes are in, we'll announce the winners of the Art Brings Us Together fundraiser who will be receiving one of the eleven additional $1,000 Opus gift cards! You can vote once on the form and once on our designated Instagram post.


[Completed] Earlier, we invited everyone to nominate their favourite art organization or school. Whether it's a local gem or a hidden treasure from the Northwest Territories - we wanted to get your favourites from across Canada.


It's vote time! We've compiled all the nominations and it's time for everyone to cast their votes for the most deserving arts organization or art program. You can vote once on the form below and once on our instagram post. You're only able to vote from the list of nominees. Voting will close at 11:59 PM PST on Sunday, February 18th, 2024


The top 11 organizations or schools with the highest number of votes will be awarded a $1000 Opus Gift Card, supporting their artistic endeavours.

Thank you so much to everyone for participating in this heartwarming fundraiser.

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