Creative Exploration
The Experimentation Guide

Begin the year seeking new possibilities in your art

Art Materials For Creative Explorations

Exploring with New Materials or Experimenting Prolifically?

For this fresh year, full of creative possibility, we've put together two inspiring product guides! One highlights exciting art materials to expand your repertoire of creative tools with and spark inspiration in your explorations. The other guide offers materials that, by nature of their affordability and value, allow you to experiment without getting too "precious" about using them up. Explore the guides for great art materials to experiment with.

Supplies For New Adventures

Challenge yourself this new year – imagine the new art journeys you'll embark on. Evolve your skills and techniques with fresh, ambitious art supplies, and reach for that next level!

Explore Supplies for New Adventures

Affordable Supplies For Exploration

Explore in art with affordable art supplies that will support you in your day-to-day ventures. Nothing in this guide is so expensive it becomes "too precious" to use to the last drop for your prolific experiments.

Explore Supplies for Affordable Exploration

Inspiration From The Opus Resource Library

Tell A Story with Texture

This year, you may want to tell use texture to convey part of the feeling you'd like your art to impart. Use this guide to explore 3 methods.

Which Stick To Use and When?

Oil sticks are much loved by artist for their unique mark making ability and connection to the canvas. Find out the difference between them.

What's your creative vision this season?

Invite wonder into your art practice. Discover what to expect for the upcoming season through Creative Explorations....

Artists' Conversations about Experimentation

Early in 2023, we explored our theme of "I Wonder..." by stepping back from the chaos and disruption to find intention and meaning.

Take a look back and hear from three artists whose thought-provoking words about wonder and exploration resonate with us more than ever.

Get Started with Discover Guides

Looking to try something new? Our Discover Guides have got you covered! Designed to take some of the mystery out of beginning in a new medium, these guides will give you a quick overview of the materials and help you find the right supplies to get started.

Discover Graphite Drawing

Learn more about graphite pencils, the most fundamental art material at Opus Art Supplies!

Discover Graphite
Rainbow of paint colours on a palette

Discover Acrylic Painting

Learn more about acrylic painting, the popular modern medium at Opus Art Supplies!

Discover Acrylics

Discover Watercolour Painting

Learn more about watercolour painting, one of the most popular mediums at Opus Art Supplies!

Discover Watercolours

Discover Oil Painting

Learn more about oil painting, the classical fine art painting medium at Opus Art Supplies!

Discover Oils