Discover Oil Painting

Learn more about oil painting, the classical fine art painting medium at Opus Art Supplies!

Discover Oil Painting

Why oil paints are awesome:

Oil paints have been chosen by artists for hundreds of years. Oil painting requires some knowledge and preparation, but the results hang on the walls of galleries and museums around the world.

Time-tested Permanence

Paint like the masters! Oil painting and the paintings themselves are here to stay.

Work and Rework

Oil paints dry slowly, so you can take your time in finding just the right blend or placement.

Colour Power

Oil paints colours tend to look rich and glossy, thanks to oils' ability to hold pigments.

Artist's Oil Paints

High-quality oil paints you'll find in the studios of artists all over. These paints are formulated simply, a mixture of pure oils and potent pigments.

You can't go wrong with any choice here!

Beginner-Friendly Oil Paints

We've placed two types of oil paints in this category.

Student-Grade Oil Colours are more affordable paints, produced by adding neutral extenders to the paint to make your dollar go further.

Water Soluble Oil Paints could be considered Artist-Quality, with the added convenience of being easier to clean. This type of oil paint can be washed up with soap and water.

Oil Paints from The Collection

These oil paints from The Collection are selected for their special stories - rich histories, exceptional manufacturing, or cult connoisseur status.

Try paints from The Collection for handcrafted flare and character.

Oil Painting Supplies

Oil painting does require some specific materials for satisfactory results.
But it doesn't have to be complicated! Alongside your paints, you'll want oil painting brushes, painting surfaces, some form of palette, and a few other items.

Oil Brushes & Painting Knives

Oil painting brushes are commonly made of sturdy hog hair bristles or synthetic alternatives.

It's helpful to keep a few brushes on hand for oil painting. This will help keep your colours clean and minimize the amount of cleaning while painting.

Painting Knives can be used to mix paints on your palette or make marks on your painting.

Oil Painting Surfaces

Oil painters typically choose between canvas, panel, and paper. An important factor is the surface preparation: oil painting surfaces need to be thoroughly prepared with gesso.

Stretched Canvas are widely available, fairly lightweight, and can be removed from the stretcher bars for easier transportation.

Painting Panels make for sturdy surfaces that are easy to take out of the studio. They can hold up to heavier painting techniques.

Painting Papers are super lightweight and easy to store, and commonly come ready-to-paint on!

More Oil Painting Supplies

Oil painting palettes need to be made from non-porous materials, such as treated wood, glass, or certain plastics. Also available are disposable paper palette sheets.

Solvents will help you thin your paints, and clean them from your brushes or other surfaces. Ensure you have adequate ventilation when using solvents.

Brush Cleaning Supplies can help remove remaining paint from your brushes, and hold your solvents for later use.

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