Discover Watercolour Painting

Learn more about watercolour painting, one of the most popular mediums at Opus Art Supplies!

Discover Watercolour Painting Discover Watercolour Painting

Why watercolours are awesome:

These versatile paints are popular among a wide range of artists. Watercolours are easy to start with, but there's plenty to learn and master. Plus, they tend to be pretty portable for painting-on-the go.

Simple Supplies

Watercolour supplies can be as simple as paints, brushes, and paper. Just add water!

Subtle & Bold

Control the strength of your paint by adjusting the paint-to-water ratio.

Free Flowing

Let the water guide you in creating intuitive, natural colour mixes and movements.

Artist's Watercolours

High-quality watercolour paints made to traditional and/or modern standards. These watercolours are predictable, offering professional perfomance and colours made to last the test of time.

Beginner-Friendly Watercolours

Watercolour paints that balance affordability and quality. Great for the "young-at-art" and those just trying a new medium.

Unconventional Watercolours

Watercolours delivered in different and interesting formats, including coloured pencils, markers and crayons. These watercolours tend be excellent for mixed media work.