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Art Brings Us Together 2023
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Join Opus Art Supplies in Supporting Local Arts Organizations & Schools

This holiday season, Opus Art Supplies is not just spreading festive cheer but also spreading the love for art within the community. As part of our commitment to the arts and the spirit of giving, we are excited to announce the launch of our 4th annual "Art Brings Us Together" fundraiser, which will run from November 1 to December 24. During this time we are committing to donate 5% of the proceeds from most Opus Brand products to local arts organizations. This initiative is our way of giving back to the community and supporting the arts that enrich our lives.

Here's how it works

  • Each Opus store will be selecting two local arts organizations to support, making a significant impact on the local arts scene.
  • Customers who shop Opus Brand art materials will have the added benefit of knowing that their purchases are making a real difference in raising up our local arts community.
  • To participate, customers can shop Opus Brand products online at Opus Art Supplies' Website from anywhere in Canada or visit one of our seven store locations in British Columbia.

Past Year's Impact

Together, over the past three years, we've given over $65,000 to help local art organizations bring the spirit of creativity to our communities. This included over 25 organizations, picked by our staff, and the our community for their outstanding resources.

Watch: How Shopping With Heart Helps Our Communities

Opus Store's Nominations

Opus Coquitlam's Nominations

Arrieta Art Studio

Arrieta Art Studio, which opened its doors in July 2022, is more than just an art studio; it's a vibrant community dedicated to embracing all individuals in the world of art. Founded by Mishel Arrieta, a passionate artist and visionary, the studio's mission is to break down barriers for emerging artists of all disciplines. They offer platforms for artists to showcase their work while also providing opportunities for those new to the art world through classes, workspaces, and public events. 

New Beginning – Suwa'lkh Learning Centre

Opus Art Supplies is thrilled to support  the Suqa'lkh Learning Center, a vital part of School District 43 in British Columbia, to enhance the artistic experiences of Indigenous children. At Suqa'lkh, art is not just a subject but a fundamental cornerstone, with students expressing their core values, including a deep respect for nature, through traditional and innovative artwork. The program is committed to supporting and enriching this creative environment, fostering a deep appreciation for art and self-expression among these young learners.

Opus Granville Island's Nominations

The Developmental Disabilities Association 

This beacon of inclusion and empowerment, provides vital support to adults with developmental disabilities and their families in Vancouver and Richmond. Notably, the association hosts an inspiring art program where we have the privilege of knowing Kim Almond. This program, like their broader offerings, fosters creativity and self-expression while nurturing a sense of belonging for individuals with developmental disabilities. The Developmental Disabilities Association's commitment to building a more inclusive and supportive community is truly commendable. 

You Art For Action


You Art For Action (YAFA) is a remarkable foundation that embodies the power of art as a catalyst for change. Driven by the altruism of young artists, YAFA facilitates the donation of their work to empower and uplift their community. Every sale at YAFA contributes to non-profit organizations, making a tangible impact on the causes they support. YAFA's mission extends beyond art; it is about giving a voice to the voiceless and shedding light on critical issues. Furthermore, it serves as an inspiring platform for young artists, demonstrating that their creative talents have the potential to shape a better world.

Opus Victoria's Nominations

ArtsCalibre Academy

ArtsCalibre Academy stands as a beacon of excellence in education, offering a distinctive and affordable Arts-enriched curriculum. By harnessing the power of the Arts, ArtsCalibre Academy goes above and beyond the BC Curriculum to create a safe, experiential environment where students can thrive. The academy's dedication to fostering well-rounded individuals through the integration of arts and academics is truly commendable, making it a valuable asset to the education and art community.

Esquimalt Community Arts Hub


The Esquimalt Community Arts Hub (ECAH) is a non-profit organization that prioritizes low barrier, accessible and inclusive arts opportunities for everyone. We provide engaging, thought-provoking and innovative arts programming at the community level.  Their mission is to create accessible and inclusive arts experiences for all. 


They produce annual events such as the East West Mural Festival and the Urban Arts Tour, offer mentorship opportunities for emerging artists, create pop-up art exhibits, and host courses & workshops.

Opus North Vancouver's Nominations

The Woods Art & Wellness

The Woods Arts & Wellness is a haven for personal and community wellbeing through nature and the arts, proven to alleviate stress, build connections, and improve mood. Their evidence-based programs, led by trained therapists, are inclusive and accessible, regardless of age, ability, background, or financial situation.

Norgate Xwemélch’stn  
Elementary School

The Norgate Xwemélch’stn learning community works together to support students’ academic, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual well-being.  We strive to develop inquiring, knowledgeable, and caring people who demonstrate intercultural respect and understanding. By providing children with rich learning experiences at school and in the community we can share our collective wisdom and expand their capacity to think critically and creatively, so that they may choose to act compassionately. 

Opus Downtown Vancouver (Harbour Centre) Nominations

Directions Youth Services


Directions Youth Services, a division of Family Services of Greater Vancouver, is a lifeline for vulnerable youth under 25 facing homelessness due to abuse, neglect, substance use, or mental health challenges. With low-barrier programs, they offer safety, hot meals, medical care, housing support, and more, impacting over 1,000 young lives annually. Plus, they also offer art programs to help their youth through the therapeutic benefits of art. 

UNYA – Urban Native Youth Association


UNYA offers an awesome Overly Creative Minds Program, which allows Indigenous youth ages 11 to 24 a safe and welcoming space to explore arts and culture. Plus a tool to strengthen their voice. The program celebrates and helps youth to develop their voice and perspective through arts and culture. In addition, they support them in their cultural and artistic curiosity.


Opus Kelowna's Nominations

Studio 9 - School of The Arts


Studio9 School of the Arts seamlessly blends the arts with academics, fostering creativity and collaboration. Their mission, "Where Education Meets the Arts," champions values like inclusiveness, respect, and passion while emphasizing critical thinking and problem-solving through project-based learning.

Rutland Senior Secondary


Rutland Senior Secondary is a caring community challenging students to pursue excellence in lifelong endeavours.  This comprehensive high school offers an array of academic programs and courses that is second to none. They are a school with tremendous heart and community pride shifting from a teaching culture to a culture of Learning, where we ALL see ourselves as learners.

Opus Langley's Nominations

Langley Youth Hub

The Hub provides opportunities to meet the basic needs of youth such as food, showers, laundry, and toiletries. They also provide services such as street outreach and outreach in local school, employment and housing support- all of which are imperative in increasing the overall well-being of youth. Their monthly calendars, news and updates can be found on their website and social media platforms. The services and programs of the Hub are provided in-kind through our partner organizations.



Langley Arts Council


As a community-based arts organization, the mission of the Langley Arts Council is to: “Cultivate, sustain, and proliferate artistic activity in the Langleys by offering both monetary and resource support to the community as well as developing new and innovative programs in a variety of artistic disciplines.”

They offer Programs such as Art in Found Spaces, Classes & Workshops, Community Initiatives, and Community Rentals

Opus Customer Support & Mail Order

Artists For Kids and Gordon Smith Gallery


Artists for Kids is a unique, not-for-profit, self-sustaining art education program operated by the North Vancouver School District (NVSD) in British Columbia. They offer a wide variety of art programming for all age groups, from after school art programs to visual arts camps like the Paradise Valley Summer Visual Arts Camp, day camps and more.

The Gordon Smith Gallery of Canadian Art seeks to provide art enrichment opportunities for children and to ignite community engagement through exceptional Canadian Art curation and education. 

To learn more about Gordon Smith, watch our latest video, Art Is A Gift: The Life & Legacy 
of Gordon A. Smith

Indigenous Arts Collective of Canada (IACC)


This organization aims to preserve and revitalize endangered Indigenous art forms and enrich lives through Indigenous arts and culture. “For Indigenous people, art is the very soul of our spirituality. It's our every movement, dance and song - it is in every stroke of paint, every bead sewn, every feather placed. We must continue to teach and protect this way of being. We have a responsibility to educate ourselves so that our children may be able to carry on our work.”


In safe and inclusive spaces, through community based learning, the they engage, [re]connect and empower Indigenous women by promoting the transfer and conservation of cultural knowledge; securing the capacity for the next seven generations to retain and cultivate intrinsic cultural connections and world views.

The Votes are in! Discover Which Arts Organizations & Schools You Voted to Support

With your help, we exceeded our goal of raising $16,000 by $11,000, which means there's more to share with our community! In the second part of our fundraiser, we asked you – our art community members across Canada — to nominate and vote for your favourite, most deserving art organization or school to share our success with. Below are the organizations you voted for — each of them will receive a $1,000 Opus Gift Card!

  1. My Artist's Corner (MAC)
    Located in Burnaby, MAC fosters a safe, inclusive space for members to create, display, and sell art, offering top-notch instruction, promoting artists' work in the community, and prioritizing peer-based programs for individuals with mental health challenges.

  2. Creative Life (Youth Unlimited)
    Creative Life in Vancouver provides young people facing mental health challenges, poverty, or homelessness with a safe space for artistic expression, fostering belonging and self-discovery through creative engagement while recognizing and nurturing their inherent creativity and resilience within a supportive community framework.

  3. Salt Spring Island Printmakers
    The Salt Spring Island Printmakers organization aims to promote the art of printmaking locally and beyond. They provide various opportunities for printmakers of all levels to engage in learning, practicing, creating, and exhibiting prints. Through workshops, mentoring, and shared resources, they encourage learning for individuals of all ages. They share their enthusiasm and knowledge with broader communities through exhibits, public events, and workshops.

    "Salt Spring Printmakers is a super inspiring organization that provides mentorship, community, workshops, and education in the studio and in schools, and enthusiastically encourages people, including school kids, to make prints in many forms, to express themselves, and to collectively show our work. It's the exact type of art hub the world needs more of now! I know these funds would be appreciated, well spent, and shared." Lori Waters

  4. Metchosin International Summer School of the Arts (MISSA)
    MISSA is committed to fostering artistic expression and connection. They provide a supportive environment for serious students and professional artists through workshops, mentoring, and studio practice. Their focus is on community, creativity, diversity, and environmental inspiration. They value partnership, accountability, excellence, and transparency, offering hands-on programs that reflect emerging artistic trends.

    "MISSA! Encouraging artists to learn!" @cgfast1712, Instagram

  5. New West Artists
    New West Artists is a non-profit art organization that focuses on inspiring, educating and supporting the local art community

    "All fabulous groups doing amazing work @newwestartists We LOVE New West Artists NPO" @royalcitylit, Instagram

  6. Lakeside School (Kelowna)
    Lakeside, a non-profit school, strives to incorporate art and soul into its curriculum, while simultaneously educating its students for freedom and respecting their individualities. The school fosters a collaborative environment where students learn together, aiming to become better human beings.

    "I’m nominating this amazing community because it uses arts in all subjects and teaches students to see beauty in all aspects of life." Julianna Trujillo

  7. Arts Council of Ladysmith

    The Arts Council of Ladysmith and District (ACLD) is a prominent visual arts organization in Ladysmith. They run a gallery, host monthly exhibitions, offer diverse art education programs, and support regional artists. Their mission is to enrich the artistic community through education, exhibition, and engagement, with a vision for inclusive art experiences for all.

    "They bring art to the community. They have made Ladysmith such a vibrant community, full of spirit and energy. The ages that Ladysmith Arts interacts with us children all the way to our aging population. It's amazing what this group has done." Farell Elliot

  8. Golden Visual Arts Society
    Golden and Columbia Shuswap Regional District Area A, emerging and professional artists and community connecting to create, foster, support and celebrate the visual arts.

    "Small town with a wonderful group of artists who learn, grow and support each other and the community." Marilyn Kelly-McArthu

  9. Penticton and District Art Council
    The Penticton & District Community Arts Council fosters inclusivity in the arts through partnerships and initiatives, aiming to provide opportunities for all, including marginalized communities.

    "In their 64th year, and 44th year administrating Leir House, their mission is to create a vibrant, flourishing, and sustainable artistic community that is inclusive and accessible to all. To this end, they have formed partnerships with social service providers to increase their outreach to marginalized and underserved populations." Eric Bayrd

  10. Vancouver Island School of Art
    VISA is a contemporary art school for all ages, registered as a non-profit charity, located in Downtown Victoria.

    "Vancouver Island School of Art - a super welcoming place where everyone can create" @kirperch, Instagram

  11. The Old School House Arts Centre
    The mandate of The Old School House Arts Centre is to foster a vibrant arts centre that promotes and encourages the development of multi-dimensional artists and musicians for the enjoyment of all ages, residents and visitors alike, in Qualicum Beach and throughout central Vancouver Island.

We'd like to thank everyone who contributed to this fundraiser through your purchases of Opus brand products over the holiday season, and for showing your support of art organizations and schools in our creative community through your nominations and votes!