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Creative Exploration: Awaken Your Wonder
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Explorations and Experimentation in Art

With the dawn of a new year, it’s a perfect time to take a moment in life to pause; to listen to what is happening both with the outside world, as well as our inner world, so that we can realign with ourselves and become more in rhythm in our world. 

A moment to look at what our place is in our community. How can I create and have an impact on my life? The lives of others? How do we bring focus to what is important?  

Taking the time to consider these questions, to make our plans, and to make time to consider where we want our creativity to take us and where we want to take our creativity.

Inviting “wonder” is a means to being open to exploration and discovery; it’s an opportunity to play with ideas and explore the things you’re curious about — from incorporating new techniques or materials to leaping into the unknown territory of a new medium, considering the genre of work you’ve been creating in or exploring the idea of participating in an art class or applying to be part of a juried show.

Every angle of exploration you take will yield some new information that leads to the next experiment or possibly even to the next “big thing” that you want to pursue and progress your art practice with.

Let's dive into our creative exploration!

Process Over Outcomes

Many artists prioritize process over outcomes, placing equal importance on nurturing a creative mindset, alongside the mastery of artistic tools. It’s a journey to reset our thoughts, refresh our perspectives, renew our passion, and ultimately, reinvent our art.

Over the next three months, we’ll be taking risks and trying new materials. We’re launching exciting new Featured Artists initiatives, February’s popular Opus Daily Practice Challenge, and more hands-on in-store experiences to encourage your exploration and experimentation. 

Join us as we plant the seeds of imagination, dedicate time to growth, and create works for global sharing or as a wellspring of inspiration, in a dynamic cycle that perpetuates continuous innovation and creativity. 

Ultimately, when it comes to creativity, making matters most. Whether our art ends up in a gallery, frame or filed away, the satisfaction should be the same - it’s all about the process.

Explorers to Follow

This quarter we’ll be talking with two professional artists about what exploration means to their practice, and following them as they experiment with adding new art materials and tools into their process and getting periodic updates. Watch for our Artist Video Series to continue beginning with Justin Ogilvie on January 15th. We'll be sharing fresh perspectives from artists willing to experiment and share their findings with you. You'll hear about how the new materials and tools worked for them — the challenges and the epiphanies — and see how their explorations have transformed their thinking about their art, their processes, and how incorporating a new element has impacted them and their artwork. 

Oil Painting, Abstract Portrait of a Woman on Red Background
Artwork by Justin Ogilvie: Oil on canvas board,2023

Experiment with something new

In the next few months, we'll be showcasing some amazing art materials that are prime for experimenting with: some because they're interesting and unique and offer multiple ways of incorporating them into your work, and others fit because they're affordable and give you the freedom to take a chance trying something new without the materials being so precious that you're afraid to make a “mistake”.  Here are a few products to get you started… if you're really in exploration mode, we invite you to check out our online guide of products perfect for exploring and experimenting with. 

Invite Wonder Through A New Medium...

Uncover a new approach to your favourite medium...

Education as Exploration

Classes, workshops, and even demonstrations are great ways to explore new techniques and materials. Over the next few months, we're excited to share new sources for exciting art classes that will invite you to take a deeper dive into areas of creativity that interest you. 

In the meantime, we have a full stack of creative events planned in the coming weeks for you to get started:

Get A Fresh Perspective with our Upcoming Events

Seize this time of new beginnings and explore something that you've been interested in… make a mess, explore a new medium, try another genre, take a chance and play in the realm of possibilities, imagination and expansion. This new year is going to be amazing… what are you going discover in 2024?

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