“In art, the hand can never execute anything higher than the heart can imagine.”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Opus Videos

Opus Art Supplies Podcast – In Conversation with Ross Penhall

Ross Penhall is always looking for a fresh perspective to capture. Take a listen to our podcast interview where Penhall discusses his fascination with light and shadow and the way landscapes lead the eye. Click below to check out other... Read More

Inspired by Landscapes: Lucas Kratochwil, Artist

  Watch Lucas Kratochwil’s video and discover how he relates to nature – why it’s important to have a true connection to nature, and what compels him to paint and share his love of our beautiful landscape with the world.... Read More

Opus BOD Wood Frame

The Opus BOD Wood frame is a simple and stylish wood frame that gives your artwork a professional look – making it an economical alternative to a custom frame. Trevor calls this the tuxedo frame because everything looks good in... Read More

Pouring Watercolours with Leslie Lambert Redhead

In a twist on this traditional medium, artist Leslie Lambert Redhead walks us through how she creates large-scale watercolour pours. Using Winsor & Newton’s new Jewel Toned Professional Water Colours, Leslie masks out her white, light, and midtones in turn,... Read More

Opus Jasper Plein Air Frame

The Opus Jasper Plein Air frame honours the tradition of plein air while maintaining a modern aesthetic. These wood frames are beautifully finished, featuring seamless corners and hand applied metal-leafing. They come in a classic gold leaf, a warm silver... Read More

Opus SUMO Framing System

The Opus SUMO Pre-cut Metal Framing System is the most versatile framing system available for canvases and cradled wood panels. The main feature of the SUMO is its versatility for framing standard and unique sized artworks with ease. Simply mix... Read More

Introduction to Resin Pouring

Resin is a strong, glasslike coating that can be used as a top coat, art medium, as an accent in your artwork, and more. The crystal-clear finish is self-levelling, dries smooth, and makes colours appear vibrant. Let’s explore some of... Read More

Opus COHO Framing System

The Opus COHO Pre-cut Metal Framing System is a unique and highly versatile framing system for your art on paper – no matter the size. The main feature of the COHO is its versatility for framing standard and unique sized... Read More

Opus SOLO Frame

Who doesn’t enjoy a good treasure hunt? Opus SOLO Frames are made from moulding off-cuts in our Vancouver factory, and many of them are one-of-a-kind, never to be seen again. As they are made from off-cuts, SOLO Frames are an... Read More

Watercolour Tips with Kristen Maduik

Join artist Kristen Maduik as she demonstrates some of her favourite tips and techniques for painting rocks, water, and moss while working outdoors with watercolour. Watch our short series of tips below and get inspired to take your watercolours outside... Read More

Practice Makes Perfect

Whether you call it practice or just the act of making – fill your life and your creativity by finding the magic in everything you do. Our final video prompt for this month’s Opus Daily Practice Challenge features artist Veronica... Read More

Ola Volo: Illustrator & Mural Artist

Put the focus on YOUR artwork with inspiration from Ola Volo! This full-time illustrator and mural artist shares how she creates her folklore-inspired art. Watch as she gives you an insider’s look at her illustration process and how she extends... Read More

Opus Wood Canvas Frame

Opus Wood Canvas Frames come ready-made, making them a quick and economical solution for framing your art on canvas. Front-loading frames, or floating frames, have a quarter inch lip that shows off your whole image up to and around the... Read More

Introduction to Acrylic Pouring

Get your recipe books ready and start cooking up your own unique acrylic pours! Join Camille & Erin from Opus Langley to discover the versatility of paints, pouring mediums, and additives while learning about professional-grade alternatives to the trending non-archival... Read More

Urban Sketching Techniques

Let your surroundings be the inspiration to tell your own watercolour story! Join artist Broderick Wong as he shares tips and techniques for creating a watercolour study outdoors. Learn how to use colour in fun and exciting ways by splattering... Read More

Just Practice

Join artist and Opus Daily Practice participant Sharon Leung for an afternoon painting pandas in the park! Sharon has always been creative, but she started getting back into daily practice thanks to our challenge. Between the daily prompts for inspiration... Read More

Oil Techniques: Painting en Plein Air

What makes your heart skip a beat and say, “I have to paint this!”? Every painter is searching for the magic — that special something that compels you to bring a subject to life with a brush and canvas. Sheree... Read More

How to Varnish an Acrylic Painting

Keep your artwork looking as good as the day it was completed by learning how to apply a varnish layer! Join Opus staff member Colin Mitchell, and discover the ins and outs of varnishing an acrylic painting and why it... Read More

Charles van Sandwyk: Illustrator, Writer, Wanderer

You are invited to peek into the whimsical, magical world of Charles van Sandwyk, sitting down by the fire to be inspired by his love of storytelling! We visited this beloved artist and author to discover how illustration, etching, watercolour,... Read More

Score, Fold, Stitch: Designing Your Own Sketchbook

To watch Score, Fold, Stitch on our YouTube Channel, click here. Score, fold and stitch the way to your own handmade sketchbook! Join Nadine Werner, master bookbinder, paper artist, and designer for Paper-Oh Notebooks, as she demonstrates some of the... Read More

Face Painting with Snazaroo

Looking for Halloween ideas? Get inspired to put your brushwork and blending skills on display by creating a stunning face-painting work of art to enhance your Halloween look this year. Watch as artist and Opus Downtown Vancouver staff member Kyrra... Read More

Painting with Acrylics: Liquitex Muted Colors

Discover how using muted colours can make your sunny colours sing! Join artist Jan Poynter as she introduces Liquitex Muted Colors, a convenient line of pre-mixed muted acrylics that allow artists the ability to achieve the same desaturated hue every... Read More

Painting with Acrylics: Liquitex Intermixability

Discover the power of Liquitex Intermixability by combining spray paint, ink and acrylic paint to create layers of depth and radiance in your artwork! Join artist Kimberly Parker at Vancouver’s Emily Carr University of Art + Design as she takes... Read More

Art in the Garden

View an extraordinary garden from the perspective of a child and be whisked away into a magical wonderland full of flowers, fruits, fun and art! We visited the home of David and Aubin van Berckel, owners of Opus Art Supplies,... Read More

Poetry with Paper featuring Tara Galuska

Journey into a whimsical world of paper with artist and illustrator, Tara Galuska. Get an inside look into her home studio and watch as she cuts, glues, and assembles one of her handmade paper artworks. Tara creates original pieces using... Read More

Painting with Gouache en Plein Air feat. Bryan Coombes

Watch as watermedia takes flight! Go on a trip with Bryan Coombes, as he captures seaplanes in Vancouver’s Coal Harbour. Discover techniques for drawing through your preliminary pencil sketch, using watercolours and gouache to build up a scene, blending gouache... Read More

Where Will Your Sketchbook Take You?

Where will your sketchbook take you? Your sketchbook has become your companion, always in your bag or under your arm. From your morning coffee to traveling home from work, an artist’s sketchbook is home to multiple mediums and countless memories.... Read More

Drawn Out: 365 Days of Drawing

In planes, trains, and automobiles, visual artist Michael Markowsky traverses the landscape to find new and interesting locations in which to create. He has painted in the Arctic tundra, in the bed of a moving truck, and even in a... Read More

Exploring New Territory with Sarah Clement

Vancouver-based artist and illustrator Sarah Clement has been inspired by nature and the world around her for as long as she can remember. Her whimsical and detailed illustrations mix the colourful freedom of ink with the more structured lines of... Read More

Fine Art Digital Projectors

Discover the possibilities of using projected digital imagery in your fine art practice! Digital art projectors make the perfect addition to any artist’s studio, granting you access to a multitude of tools for creating. Whether you’re working on canvas, cradled... Read More