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AFK - ArtReach: Drawing What We Hear (grades 4–7)
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Artists For Kids is an amazing resource for art Educators of all ages and teaching experience levels. This instructional Learning Guide was created by the team at Artists For Kids, and we are grateful to them for allowing us to share it with you and your class.

ArtReach: Drawing What We Hear

We're making: Drawings representing the sounds in the environment around us

We're inspired by:  Ann Kipling's print Dog in Sky (1999)

Suggested grade levels:  Grades 4-7

We're wondering:

How can we represent what we hear in a drawing?

Why is it important to listen with attention?

The Art Materials that are used in this project include:

  • White 8.5” x 11” sheet of printer or construction paper (1 per student)
  • Sheet of thick white paper (i.e. cardstock, poster board) – 17” x 5.5” (1 per student)
  • Black paper to be used to mount 17” x 5.5”sheet of paper (optional) (1 per student)
  • Drawing board or other hard drawing surface that can fit 17” x 5.5” sheet of paper for drawing outside (1 per student)
  • Black drawing tool
    • black crayon
    • black oil pastel
    • black China Marker

Other tools, equipment required include:

  • Computer and projector to display video in class
  • Found objects to create sounds with (i.e.container of tacks, scissors, crumpled paper, bell, etc.)
  • Device to record audio with (i.e. cellphone, iPad, computer)

Thank you to our friends at Artists For Kids, for all of their wonderful contributions to the arts community, the community of North Vancouver, and the education community overall.