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How To Refill COPIC Markers
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COPIC Markers have long lives...

BUT you can extend the life of your COPIC Markers by utilizing nib replacements and ink refills! Each ink bottle is able to refill COPIC Markers multiple times, so this is a great way to save some money as well as reduce your plastic waste!

Watch the video below or browse through the written steps to learn how to refill COPIC Markers.

This tutorial will be usable for COPIC Classic, COPIC Sketch, and COPIC Ciao markers.

COPIC Japan's Ink Refill & Nib Replacement Tutorial

(The following video has english captions.)

Steps to Refill COPIC Markers

An uncapped COPIC Sketch Marker
Grasping the nib with tweezers.
The nib has been fully removed from the barrel.

Start by completely uncapping your marker. 

Then, using a tweezer tool, grasp the nib from the base and gently pull outwards to remove the nib from the barrel.

Filling the COPIC marker using the ink refill.
Refill complete!

Once the nib has been removed, uncap your ink refill and insert the nozzle into the barrel of your marker. Refill by gently squeezing the bottle.

Re-inserting the nib into the marker.
Capping the marker after refilling with ink.

Now that your COPIC Marker has been refilled, all that's left is to insert the nib back in its original place. Gently push the nib back into the barrel with your tweezers.

The ink may take a moment to re-saturate your nib, so re-cap your marker and lay it down for a few minutes before use.

Steps to Replace COPIC Marker Nibs

Similar to the method used to refill COPIC Markers, pull the nib out with a pair of tweezers by grasping the base of the nib. Take care not to spill any remaining ink in the barrel of the marker. 

Once the worn out nib has been removed, slowly insert the replacement nib. Re-cap the marker, and allow the ink to saturate the new nib before using.

Removing the nib with tweezers.
Removing the nib with tweezers.
Inserting the new, blank nib.
Inserting the new, blank nib.

Additional COPIC Refill Notes

The ink bottles used to refill COPIC Markers can also be used as mini-alcohol ink dropper bottles! 

Alcohol inks are vibrant colours that have some key differences from watercolour paints that make them fascinatingly unique. See some examples of alcohol ink art in this YUPO Paper article!

Colourful mixes of COPIC refill ink.
Colourful mixes of COPIC refill ink.

You can also create your own unique marker colours using the COPIC Refills. Simply fill your empty COPIC Marker using different ink refill bottles. 

Shop COPIC Markers!

COPIC markers are cherished by artists, illustrators, and designers around the globe for their unparalleled quality, versatility, and innovation.

The COPIC journey began in Japan, where a commitment to excellence and a dedication to artists' needs resulted in a line of markers that revolutionized the creative process. Today, COPIC is recognized worldwide for its commitment to quality and innovation in the art supply industry.