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Diane Williams' Colour Story with Opus Essential Oil Colours
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A chosen colour palette is a simplified statement of the artist’s voice and creative journey.

Learn how Opus Ambassador Diane Williams’ selected her palette, how she utilizes each colour, and how these colours capture her essence as a professional artist.

Peonies, Roses and Feather, Diane Williams

I recently relocated from the foothills of Alberta to Summerland, BC. I discovered Opus Essential Oil colours late 2020, after I arrived. I enjoy the ease in which they blend, how they slide over the canvas with no stickiness, and love their honest colour.

I often have 9 colours on my palette - Opera Pink, Cerulean Blue, and Dioxazine Purple stand out as essential, along with Titanium White.

Antique Blossoms and Hummingbird, Hydrangea. Diane Williams
Halo. Diane Williams

Right Image: Antique Blossoms and Hummingbird, Hydrangea 48x60

Left Image: Horse with brush and 3 essential colours

Diane Williams' Colour Palette:

Opera Pink introduced me to Opus Essential Oils. I was painting pink peonies and wanted a colour that radiated PINK . It’s true pink like its name, my surprise colour. This rich semi- transparent hue delivers saturation with a buttery softness. I mix it with Dioxazine Purple to create deep violets and with Cadmium Orange for a juicy pink/orange. Vibrant, flamboyant, ablaze with saturation, pair Opera Pink with soft greens to mute.

Buttery, darksome, deep purple.  Dioxazine Purple is a semi-opaque deep shadow colour on my full-spectrum palette. I use no black, brown or gray, so Dioxazine Purple is my darkest shadow colour, straight out of the tube - my black. Mix it with Opera pink for rich violets and purples. Add it to dark green for “blacks” in the horse's manes and tails or with Cadmium orange for warm deep shadows.

I’m also in love with Cerulean Blue. I often say to my students that I covet a wardrobe full of Cerulean blue. Mix it with Cadmium orange and white. It is my classic grey. I use it as a cool highlight in sunshine when light reflects off the crest of a horse’s mane. Adding Cadmium Yellow creates a peppy chartreuse green.

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Diane Williams

About Diane Williams

Diane Williams is an accomplished equine painter and art educator who has travelled extensively to paint unique horses and wildlife in their natural habitat. Integrating classical techniques and contemporary colour, Diane captures impressions of light through layers of brilliant oil colours, wet-on-wet until finished.

Diane holds a Masters degree in Art Education from the University of British Columbia, her artwork is in collections throughout Canada, United States, Australia, and Europe.

Explore Diane's work at DianeWilliamsArt.Com / Instagram.Com/Dianewilliamsart