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Mother’s Day Card Tutorial Using Dual Brush Pens
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Our friends from Tombow USA will show you an easy-to-follow Mother’s Day card tutorial. Using just three colours of Dual Brush Pens to create a beautiful colourful notecard. 

Let’s paint together!

Finish Mother

Material list:

material list

Step 1:

First, use a drafting tape to stick the watercolour paper onto a hard surface or board. This just allows us to easily add as much water as needed to the paper without it warping or bleeding.

Using a Mechanical Pencil, lightly pencil in your card sentiment.

Drawing lightly with a mechanical pencil

Step 2:

Using the brush tip of the Dual Brush Pens, apply colour onto the watercolour paper in a few flower shapes. Since the Dual Brush Pens have a water-based ink, we can drop water from the Water Brush onto the paper and paint to create watercolour effects.

drawing small petal flowers with dual brush pens
using a water brush to create expansive pedals
using a water brush to create expansive pedals

Step 3:

Vary the amount of water you add to the flower petals and see how the colour changes. 

If you add just a tiny bit of water, the color will spread but remain vibrant. By adding a larger drop of water, you can create softer pastel looks easily.

TIP: Do not overmix or overwork the flowers. Let the water dry before you decide whether you like how the flower turned out.

using a water brush to create expansive pedals
Creating lines with the dual brush pens

Step 4:

To finish off the card, peel off the masking tape and then trace over your pencil sentiment carefully using the Fudenosuke Brush Pen.

Writing with Fudenosuke Brush Pen

You can easily personalize this card with your mother’s favourite colours or sentiments!

Finish Mother

Article Source: Tombow USA

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