What is Opus A+ Membership

We at Opus believe that it’s important to invest in our local students enrolled in the arts. This is why we’re offering the Opus A+ Membership, an annual program that provides a discount of 15% off to full-time Canadian post-secondary students and faculty.

Who is Eligible

  • Students enrolled in full-time studies at a Canadian post-secondary institution, including at least one Visual Arts or Design class
  • Faculty with valid Canadian post-secondary institution ID

Students enrolled in part-time or continuing studies Visual Arts or Design classes within a Canadian post-secondary institution are still eligible for the discount but must show the class registration at each point of purchase. Part-time or continuing education students are not eligible for the year-long A+ membership but will receive the student discount while they are enrolled in their class.

Membership Benefits

As an Opus A+ Member, you have access to:

  • 15% discount off most items in our stores, online and in-store
  • Browse our online store while logged in to view your discounted pricing

If you’re enrolled in full-time studies, you do not need to bring your student card each time you shop at Opus while your Opus A+ Membership is valid*

*All Opus A+ Memberships are valid from August 15 until August 14 the following year.

How to Apply

Visit any Opus store or sign up online! Have your proof of full-time enrolment or position in a Canadian post-secondary institution including at least one Visual Arts or Design class with you when you’re ready to apply.

If applying in-store, you will be issued an Opus A+ Membership card and can start taking advantage of your student discount in-store instantly. This membership card will include your membership number and instructions on how to apply to shop online with your student discount.

To apply online, please visit opusartsupplies.com/opusaplusregister. Online applications are processed manually and a response will be sent with your registration information within a few business days.