Opus A+ Membership

We believe it is important to invest in and support students enrolled in fine arts courses as they strive to become the professional artists of tomorrow. This is why we offer the Opus A+ program, an annual membership that provides benefits to make learning and teaching fine art classes easier and more accessible to all. 

What is The Opus A+ Membership?

We at Opus believe that it’s important to invest in our local students enrolled in the arts. This is why we’re offering the Opus A+ Membership, an annual program that provides a discount of 10% off to full-time Canadian post-secondary students and faculty.


With an astounding wealth of knowledge about art materials and techniques, our staff are here to help you get set up with the right gear for your classes, and our everyday savings of 10% off gives full-time* Canadian post-secondary students, and faculty at K–12 and post-secondary schools the ability to reach their education goals more easily.

Who is Eligible?

  • Students enrolled in full-time studies at a Canadian post-secondary institution, including at least one Visual Arts or Design class
  • Faculty with a valid Canadian post-secondary institution and Faculty K-12
  • Opted-In To Receive Communications from Opus.

Students enrolled in part-time or continuing studies Visual Arts or Design classes within a Canadian post-secondary institution are still eligible for the discount but must show the class registration at each point of purchase. Part-time or continuing education students are not eligible for the year-long A+ membership but will receive the student discount while they are enrolled in their class.

Membership Benefits

As an Opus A+ Member, you have access to:

  • 10% discount off most items in our stores, online and in-store
  • Browse our online store while logged in to view your discounted pricing

If you’re enrolled in full-time studies, you do not need to bring your student card each time you shop at Opus while your Opus A+ Membership is valid*

*All Opus A+ Memberships are valid from August 15 until August 14 the following year.

How To Apply

Visit any Opus store or sign up online! Have your proof of full-time enrolment or position in a Canadian post-secondary institution including at least one Visual Arts or Design class with you when you’re ready to apply.

If applying in-store, you will be issued an Opus A+ Membership card and can start taking advantage of your student discount in-store instantly. This membership card will include your membership number and instructions on how to apply to shop online with your student discount.

To apply online, please visit opusartsupplies.com/opusaplusregister. Online applications are processed manually and a response will be sent with your registration information within a few business days.

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