Create a truly unique presentation for a work of art you have purchased, a treasured family photograph, or a special document or certificate. From choosing the look and feel of the moulding, to the level of archival quality you need for your piece, the choice is yours when you opt for a Custom Frame.


Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are available to assist you in all steps throughout your journey to a finished, framed artwork or photograph. They are able to advise you about the various ways of framing your piece, including recommending mouldings suitable for the artwork, discussing the appropriate archival level in your mat, backing, and glass options, and even helping assemble the work into the frame to create a finished piece. Weʼre here to help make your custom framing experience result in a finished piece worthy of gallery, home or office.


– STEP 1 –


Choose the moulding your frame is to be made of, taking into consideration what would suit the artwork. If you are new to framing, our staff can assist and show you the options available. There are frames available for works on paper or canvas as well as shadow frames to add depth to your piece. Click the button below to explore the variety of custom moldings we have available.

– STEP 2 –


An important component for framing your artwork on paper and photographs is the glass and backing you choose. There are various qualities of glass, each offering its own level of UV protection; and surface types including regular glass, conservation glass, non-glare, and museum glass. Depending on the needs of the piece, you will choose what level of protection is preferred.

– STEP 3 –


Choosing the right mat for your artwork is important to both the look of the framed piece and to the preservation and protection of your artwork. Mats come in many colours and various thicknesses, from thin for a subtle look, to thick mats which offer added presence and drama. Available in regular, archival or museum quality, your selection will influence how long your paper remains in its ideal form.

– Step 4 –


Contact the Framing Department of your preferred Opus location either by phone or by going into the store with the artwork you would like to frame. Choose the frame moulding, mat, glass, and backing. 

Once your frame shell and any accompanying elements you ordered are complete, you may then return to the store with your artwork and use one of our framing tables to assemble the work, with our staff nearby to offer you assistance.

We also off an assembly service for a small fee.



Would you like us to assemble your frame? Our team of specialists can help prepare your frame, whether it's readymade, pre-cut, or custom made!

Ask about a quote for our frame assembly service if you would like help putting all the pieces together – and relax as your masterpiece comes to life!


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