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Urban Sketching with Winsor & Newton and Viviva Watercolours
Opus Resource Library

The moment we step outside, there are infinite resources for inspiration! Which, what and where to draw are common questions for artists. Knowing which tools to bring can spark ideas for knowing what you will be creating. As Plein Air season is here, we have you covered with tools from any medium for easy accessibility and portability!

From finding that perfect location to getting your sketches just right, Winsor & Newton has a range of products to make your sketching adventures successful. Pack your art materials and hit the great outdoors in search of Plein Air perfection.

Vivid, Vibrant Colors, Anywhere Inspiration Strikes

The Viviva flagship product, the Viviva Colorsheets Single Set has 16 premium watercolors but weighs less than 1.5 Oz! What’s more, they are smaller and thinner than your phone and, if used properly, the Viviva Colorsheets Single Set last as long as a regular half-pan watercolor set. The Viviva watercolor sheets are very, very vibrant. This is because in a regular half-pan set, a lot of binder is used to keep the color together. These colorsheets are made with a unique method that involves affixing the concentrated dye on a sheet of paper with almost no binder.

Winsor & Newton Fineliner

The Winsor & Newton Fineliner is the perfect tool to start any creative project. Available in four colours and six nib sizes, the Fineliners deliver water-resistant, non-fading ink to use effortlessly with Promarkers, colour pencils, or watercolours. The Fineliner fits every style of drawing and sketching at all proficiency levels.

ProMarker & ProMarker Watercolour

Create beautiful painterly effects and a range of shades with these wonderfully versatile markers. Use them dry like a regular marker or experiment with a wet brush to transform the colour into paint. Perfect and convenient for creating gorgeous, expressive artworks on the go.

Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolour Sets

Available in several configurations, Cotman Watercolour sets feature the accessible but uncompromising quality of Cotman Watercolours in tubes or half pans. A great set for on the go painting is the Cotman Watercolours Sketchers Pocket Box. It is a compact, portable set that includes a pocket brush that fits into its own section of the folding case. The Sketcher’s Pocket Box features three large mixing areas and 12 half pans in all the essential artist colours formulated for transparency and lightfastness. The air-tight case keeps pigments safe and drip-free in your bag, perfect for sketching on the go.

Studio Collection Watercolor Pencil Sets

A vibrant and versatile art accessory, the Studio Collection watercolor pencils help you create stunning watercolour effects and rich, vibrant hues. Use dry like a regular pencil, or experiment with a wet brush and watch the pencil colour turn into paint. They’re beautifully smooth to use and sharpen cleanly, with cores and points that won’t break under pressure.