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The Energy of Watercolours with Ilona & Van Gogh
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Get inspired to harness the energy of watercolours like Ilona does in this video from Van Gogh Colours.

How do you feel when you think about summer, and what does summer do to you as an artist? 


In this video from Van Gogh Colours, we follow Ilona (@ilona.maximovna) from her home to one of her favourite places to create art, the beach. 

Van Gogh Watercolours can be a perfect companion for capturing the spirit of the season. The wide selection of colours allow you to depict the brilliance of summer – the blooming flowers, sun-drenched landscapes, and the play of light and shadow during the sunny days. 

Embrace the joy of watercolour painting during the summer months. Let the colours dance on your palette, capturing the essence of this season with every brushstroke.

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