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If art is your life and your livelihood, we invite you to speak with the manager at your preferred Opus location to find out if you are eligible for this rewarding membership program.


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Opus+ PRO

What is the Opus+ PRO Membership?

Professional artists, designers and photographers are the heart of our creative community and our art supply business, and in support of their artistic endeavours, Opus has formulated a special membership just for them.

Who is Eligible?

Artists who spend $2,500+ each year at Opus Art Supplies and agree to receive our communications are eligible to apply for Opus+ PRO Membership status which gives access to receive amazing benefits including personalized offers and exclusive promotions, everyday savings and bulk discounts, pre-order opportunities and sampling of new products and more. 

What are the benefits?

Everyday Savings:
Art Supplies
15% Savings on all brands of paint, medium, brushes, painting knives, paper & canvas. 10% Savings off most other art supplies
Everyday Savings:
Fine Art Printing


15% Savings†
Everyday Savings:


15% Savings on Custom and Readymade Frames†
Everyday Bulk Savings on Select Products Additional discounts on bulk quantities of Opus branded frames, Opus Essential Paints, all sheets of paper, stretched canvas and printmaking plates

Personalized offers



Advanced information & Preorder opportunities New Products



Sampling of The Collection



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* To receive Opus+ PRO Member benefits, you must agree to receive Opus’ communications. If you no longer wish to hear from Opus and unsubscribe from emails, your account will revert to OpusPLUS Membership benefits until you are resubscribed.

† Discount does not apply to Frame Assembly Fees or Rush Charges


Terms & Conditions

Opus Art Supplies may at any time and without prior notice amend the terms and conditions of an Opus Customer Profile and Opus+ PRO Membership and may withdraw or cancel a profile or membership at any time. Opus Art Supplies reserves the right to cancel the Opus+ PRO Program and change the benefits of having an Opus Customer Profile at any time.