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How-To: Resin Transfer (Beyond the JPEG)

Inkjet film and epoxy resin can create an impressive photo transfer and perhaps add a new element to your artwork. Chris Hamilton from the Opus location on Granville Island found this great technique while preparing samples for a Beyond the JPEG presentation. In this informative how-to video, he demonstrates how to transfer an image created on the computer to a cradled panel, bringing digital artwork into the real world.

When using resin, keep in mind that a rigid surface will give you the best results, allowing the resin to cure to an even, smooth, and glossy finish. We used a 1½″ thick Buzz Cradled Panel as our substrate, and to it mounted an image printed on Moab Entrada digital fine art paper (view the How To: Mounting a Digital Print onto a Cradled Panel video to learn how!). The transfer was printed using an inkjet printer onto Grafix Inkjet Clear Film. Watch the video to see the process and the final results!

Materials as shown in this video:
Gedeo Crystal Resin
Buzz Cradled Panels
Opus Matte Medium
Grafix Inkjet Clear Film
Moab Entrada Digital Paper
Gedeo Varnish

Need more help creating resin transfers of your own? There's a how-to handout, Beyond the JPEG: Inkjet & Resin Transfers, that covers the steps in this video, too!

See more of Chris Hamilton’s artwork here.


Richard and Elaine! - The link is now fixed. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Patt - Layering resin over acrylic and using acrylic over cured resin has always worked fine for me! Working in multiple layers gives great depth to your work.

Laura - I think the lightfastness will depend on your printer and inks as well as other variables such as how much direct sunlight the piece will receive. This transfer method has only recently been used by our staff so we don't have an definite answer. If you take precautions such as varnishing I'm sure this will extend the life of the transfer.

Hello Judy,

I’m sorry the video didn’t work for you. If you could provide some information, it will greatly help us to figure out the problem.

Please email info@opusartsupplies.com at your convenience and let us know what you see on your screen when you try to play the video (warnings or error messages for example), or if instead it is the video that doesn’t load, or does load but won’t play. Also knowing what web browser you are using and operating system may help as well.

In the mean time here is a link to the Resin Transfer video on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Je7A0_op39U
You can see all our videos on the Opus Art Supplies YouTube channel.

All the best

Hello Tazo,
Thank you for your question. The transfer image was added to add visual depth and dimension. The image mounted to the panel had the stylized smoke rendered in a light blue, while the transfer image of the smoke was in black. It is a little difficult to see perhaps as the image transfer is fairly subtle. Hope that answers your question.

All the best.