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Oil Techniques: Painting en Plein Air with Sheree Jones
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What makes your heart skip a beat and say, "I have to paint this!"?

Every painter is searching for the magic - that special something that compels you to bring a subject to life with a brush and canvas. Sheree Jones, shares some of the techniques she employs to capture that magic while painting in oils en plein air in the Opus video,  Learn how starting with a value sketch compensates for changing light, how not painting all details can invite the viewer to explore a part of the painting, and more! 

See also The Essence of Plein Air with Sheree Jones to learn what it is about plein air that is so exciting – and discover your own inspiration to challenge yourself to do plein air, too!

In the Opus video Oil Techniques: The Limited Palette with Sheree Jones you'll learn even more about setting up a plein air palette using a limited number of colours so you can keep your pack of supplies light and easily transported.

See more of Sheree Jones' work at shereejones.com

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