Materials At Work: A Passion for Watercolour, Mixed Media, and Pastel

In this Conversations with Creatives episode, we'll be discussing the profound connection and relationship between artists and materials. This time we are joined by artists Angela Fehr, Tiko Kerr, and Misako Flodin. We'll hear about the artists' connection to their mediums of choice – watercolour painting, mixed media, and oil pastel, respectively.

If you enjoyed this episode, leave us a comment on YouTube! We'd like to hear what kind of materials you are using in your own art practice. How did you choose your current medium, and how do your materials help you create the work that you want to create? Also, please like, subscribe, and share the podcast with a friend!


Artist Links

@Angela Fehr Watercolour Instagram:



Tiko Kerr

Instagram: @tikokerr


@Misako Flodin

Instagram: @misakoflodin


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