Stretched Canvas & Linen and Custom Stretcher Bars

Opus Custom Surfaces Stretched LinenEach Custom Stretched Canvas and Linen Surface starts with pine stretcher bars in a depth of ¾” or 1 ½”, created in the exact manner as our fixed strainer frames, outlined below. Your choice of canvas or linen, available in raw and primed in several weights, is professionally stretched over the frame, creating a superior surface on which to begin your work.

Custom stretched canvas and linen are available in a minimum dimension of 8″ x 8″ and up to a maximum dimension that varies from 55″ x 96″ to 78″ x 96″ as determined by the width of the fabric off the roll (please refer to our pricing sheet PDFs at the bottom of this page to see the maximum size for your selected surface).

Opus Custom Surfaces Strainer Frame Whether you prefer to stretch your own canvas or have it ready to go straight from Opus, we’ve got you covered. For the the versatility and freedom of stretching your own material, Custom Stretcher Bars, in ¾” or 1 ½” depths, are cut to your specs. We construct your stretcher frame for you, securing the corners with gussets to strengthen and square the joints to create a fixed strainer frame. Custom Stretcher Bars available in a minimum dimension of 8″ x 8″ and up to a maximum dimension of 96″ x 96″.

Custom Stretcher Bars allow you to prepare the wood with a sealer prior to stretching to protect your canvas or linen substrate, adding to its longevity. See the video How To: Stretch a Canvas for more information on best practices on preparing stretcher frames and stretching canvas.

For information on preparing your Custom Stretched Canvas or Linen for your chosen medium, see our video Surface Preparation: Sizing & Gesso.

Note: We also offer readymade stretched canvas, created exactly as is our custom stretched canvas: Opus Finest Raw Stretched Canvas. This is available in 4 of our most popular sizes on a 1 ½” depth strainer.