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Traditions of Colour - Living A Creative Life with Anong Beam of Beam Paints
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Anong Beam speaks to us about her art, making paint, and the story of Beam Paints.

Anong Migwans Beam, painter and founder of Beam Paints, is thoughtfully and methodically building her art practice and art materials business.

Beam Paints (the business) is like a natural extension of Anong. The idea for the business came after sharing images of taking her two sons on rock/pigment gathering excursions. The positive response and interest online had Anong thinking about how she could share her handmade paints.

In this episode of our Living A Creative Life series, you'll hear from Anong about her approach to combining traditional and modern knowledge, and the backstory of the Beam Paints business – all part of Anong's Creative Adventure.

See more of Anong's work at beamartprojects.com

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