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Find Your Flow with Liquitex Acrylics
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Find Your Flow with Liquitex's Four Colour Ranges

Are your studio shelves stocked with Soft Body, but do you fancy experimenting with more texture? Or do you work thick and textured but occasionally want a smoother finish? No matter the style, we want to help you find your flow. Whether you’re trying out new techniques, or working on existing concepts, the materials you use are at the heart of it all. Take a closer look at the Liquitex professional range to find the best flow to suit your needs.

Compare The Ranges

Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic being squeezed by hand onto a palette



The Thick Acrylic

High viscosity, Liquitex Heavy Body is great for artists who want to achieve thick impasto brushstrokes and surface texture. Think of oil-like marks but with the versatility of acrylic.


  • High viscosity
  • Satin finish
  • Holds knife marks and brush strokes
Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylics being scooped out of the container with a Palette Knife
A row of Liquitex Soft Body Acrylic stands in front of artwork created with the fluid medium.



The Fluid Acrylic

Low viscosity, Soft Body is great for artists who want the same high-quality pigments found in Heavy Body but with more fluidity. It's incredibly versatile, use it to paint, pour, glaze or print on almost any surface.


  • Low viscosity
  • Satin finish
  • Great surface coverage
Liquitex Soft Body shown in a studio environment with a pool of paint in front of the container showing the viscocity.
A hand dropping drops of Liquitex Ink onto a art piece with the bottom of Liquitex Acrylic Ink in the other hand.



The Liquid Acrylic

Acrylic Ink is pure permanent color made from lightfast artist-quality pigments. No dyes and no fade, perfect for watercolour techniques, colour washes, airbrushing, and pen and ink.


  • Lowest viscosity
  • Satin finish
  • Permanent when dry
A dropper from the Liquitex Ink Bottle hangs above the bottle with a splotch of the red ink beside.
An artist paints Liquitex Gouache onto a wood panel showing the matte properties.



The Matte Acrylic

Low Viscosity, like Soft Body, but with the most intense pigmented colour, Acrylic Gouache gives the ultimate flat matte effect. Permanent and water-resistant, perfect for solid colour blocking, layering, illustration, and design.


  • Low viscosity
  • Matte finish
  • Permanent and non-cracking
Two bottles of Liquitex Goauche Acrylic sit on a table in  artist

Change Your Paint Qualities with Acrylic Mediums

A rainbow of colours are shown with marks textured designed created with Liquitex Professional Satin Gel Medium and a variety of colours of Liquitex Soft Body Acrylics.

Add Body, Flow, Grit, and Sheen!

Choose the viscosity that best suits your practice and sensibilities but remember that Satin, Fluid and Gel Mediums can thin and thicken all Liquitex acrylic colours so you can customize on the go!