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Capturing the Beauty of The World (Without Shame) with Nikki Baxendale
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In this episode, we speak with artist and photographer Nikki Baxendale.

We get to hear from Nikki about her passion for environmental studies of the natural world.

Nikki's work involves use of multi-layered mediums to create dynamic, "painting sculptures" as well as photography, which both aim to evoke urgency and inspiration for the protection of endangered landscapes.

She also shares with us how she captures natural wonders and narratives through her lens, creating moments of reflection amidst the fast paced world.

On Climate Change & Feeling Shame:


We hope Nikki Baxendale's words and work help inspire you to take the actions that are available to you to reduce the impacts of climate change, without feeling any shame for the things that are out of your control.

"Deep Water Rising" by Nikki Baxendale
Deep Water Rising - Oil on Canvas, 24x36"

Products for Capturing the Beauty of Nature in Your Art

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Nikki Baxendale behind her camera.

Featured Artist: Nikki Baxendale

Nikki Baxendale, a Canadian artist and photographer based in Vancouver, boasts a professional career spanning over three decades. 

Her artistic journey is marked by a passionate commitment to environmental studies, driven by her experiences during 9/11 and Hurricane Sandy in New York. 

Nikki's work invites exploration of endangered landscapes, aiming to evoke urgency and inspiration for safeguarding them. 

Explore Nikki's work at: https://www.nikkibaxendale.com/