Screen Printing with Myles Calvert

Speedball Ambassador




FREE per person


1h 30min

About This Experience

Join Speedball Demo Artist and Associate Professor of Printmaking Myles Calvert as he reviews the popular screenprint process. Myles will cover the medium's introductory possibilities, from stencils and working directly on the screen to light-sensitive photo emulsion exposures, which can yield photographic results. We print on both paper and fabric using water-based acrylic inks. Mesh count differences and purposes will be covered, along with useful tips and tricks!


Speedball 110 monofilament

Speedball 230 Aluminium Frame

Speedball Drawing Fluid

Speedball Screen Filler

Speedball Speed Clean

Speedball Acrylic Ink (various colours)

Speedball Fabric Ink (various colours)

Speedball Transparent Base

Speedball Diazo Photo Emulsion

Speedball Diazo Sensitizer

Speedball Diazo Photo Emulsion Remover

Speedball UV LED Lamp

Speedball Hinge Clamps

Speedball Squeegee 

Speedball Scoop Coater

Packaging Tape - Clear 2”

Painters Tape - 1”

Small Acrylic Brushes

Illustration Board - cut up

Acetate Sheet

Printing Paper and Fabric

Additional Materials

Images on film / oiled black printouts for exposure to screens

Water, Rags, Paper Towels, Hairdryer, Containers, Spatulas 

Opus Virtual Demo Common Q&A - Click HERE


About Your Host

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Myles Calvert was born in Collingwood, Ontario. He attended the University of Guelph with a focus on printmaking before travelling to London, UK, where he completed his MA in Printmaking at Camberwell College of Art (University for the Arts, London). Major bodies of work included installations of screen-printed toast and the idolization of popular British celebrity culture. During this time, he worked for the National Portrait Gallery before moving to Hastings in East Sussex to teach printmaking at Sussex Coast College and become Duty Manager of the newly built Jerwood Gallery (Hastings Contemporary). Myles' toast-based work continued with a 43000 slice installation during the Queen’s ‘Diamond Jubilee’ with college students, drawing BBC media attention, and culminated in two solo exhibitions before returning to the University of Guelph to teach. His 2019 residencies included Art Print Residence (Barcelona, Spain) and Proyecto’ace (Buenos Aires, Argentina), as well as a lecture/workshop at PUCP (Pontificia Universidad Catòlica del Perú) in Lima. Myles is currently an Associate Professor in Fine Arts at Winthrop University, South Carolina.

Instagram: @squirrelpigeonfish