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Through The Eyes of Eudes Correia
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See the world through the eyes of renowned watercolorist Eudes Correia in this three-part video series. From the vibrant streets to the tranquility of his studio, Eudes shares personal insights into finding inspiration, crafting the perfect environment for creativity, and mastering the art of watercolour. 

1. The Creative Process: Inspiration

Eudes Correia believes in starting his day no earlier than 10 AM, allowing for a late morning filled with inspiration from the bustling city of Lisbon. This video captures his process of taking photographs and sketching on-the-go, which later evolve into refined pieces in his studio. Discover how everyday scenes can transform into stunning artworks with the right perspective and tools.

2. The Creative Process: My Studio Environment

Back in the creative sanctuary of Eudes Correia, find out how wine, music, and art blend into a symphony for creative flow. In this intimate glimpse, Eudes reveals how a relaxed atmosphere, strumming his guitar, and singing help usher in his creativity.

3. The Creative Process: Colours & Tools

In this clip, Eudes discusses his techniques for the first and second layers and his philosophy of embracing the unpredictability of watercolours. Learn why he considers watercolour not just a medium, but a collaborator in the art-making process.

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