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Ten-Minute Watercolour Landscape with Willow Wolfe Callia Artist Brushes
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Capture The World Around Your With This Quick & Easy Watercolor Landscape Tutorial

Learning to paint foliage and landscapes is incredibly rewarding. With a little practice you can paint a tree in a few minutes, bringing your compositions to life.This video tutorial, from Willow Wolfe, covers how to layer and stack values, creating dimension and it covers various techniques for background foliage and grass with some of Willow's favorite Callia specialty brushes

PLUS, watch Willow's video below alongside this article to get the most out of the tutorial!

Supplies for this Tutorial

  1. Watercolour Landscapes Brush Set (Set includes 8 Round, 1/4 Mini Mop,1/4 Filbert Comb, and 3/4 Flat Wash.)
  2. Van Gogh Watercolour Paint
    1. Yellow Light
    2. Ultramarine Blue
    3. Sap Green
    4. Payne's Grey
  3. Watercolour Paper

Optional Supplies

  • Grey Transfer Paper
  • White Gouache
  • Pencil

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Ten Minute Watercolour Landscape Video Tutorial

Practice Painting Abstract Trees

Stacking is a technique where you apply values one on top of the other, ensuring you see each layer. In watercolor, we begin with the lightest value and layer each darker value on top of it.

Use your #8 Callia Round Brush to begin by applying a light value of Sap Green. To ensure you have a light value we mix more water into our green and tap off the excess. While this color is wet, pic up a more concentrated value of green and paint it onto the tree on the lower right hand side. While that is wet pick up a touch of Sap Green + Payne’s Grey with very little water and paint the furthest lower right hand side of the tree. 

Paint three different shaped trees and play with leaving white space behind it. 

Abstract Trees In Watercolour
Abstract Trees In Watercolour​​

Painting a Landscape

Paint the Background

Wet the sky area using your 3/4” Wash brush. Apply a touch of Ultramarine Blue to the background and blend it into the clear water. Use the 1/4” Mini Mop and Sap Green to paint soft, fuzzy trees just above the horizon line. These should be the shape of softly rounded bushes.  Wash over the background of the ground with clear water. Apply Sap Green onto the ground and move the wash brush from side to side. 

Let it all dry. 

Wet the background sky and add a few darker trees using the round brush.   Use your #8 Round to paint a large tree on the lower right hand side. Stack your values as described in your tree painting practice. Add a little more Sap Green into the background. 

Let it all dry. 

Use Burnt Umber to paint the trunk and some branches.  Add a little bit more dark green onto the tree. Use the filbert comb to add grass around the tree and other areas of the surface

Example of what it will look like once the background is added
Example of what it will look like once the background is added​​
Willow Wolfe

Willow Wolfe

Willow Wolfe is widely recognized for challenging and modernizing today’s world of art supplies and education.  Willow is an award winning art teacher, the author of a library of internationally available books and the designer of best-selling brush lines for over twenty years.

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