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Staff Favourites From Opus North Vancouver Team
Opus Resource Library

Continuing our discovery of an artist's connection to their materials, we're diving into the favourites of our team of creatives and art material specialists at Opus North Vancouver.

Here are a few of our team's favourite materials which allow them to experience that mesmerizing flow of creativity in our art practice:

Our Team's Favourite Art Materials Right Now

ArtResin Studio Kit

"I've chosen the 1 Gal mix of Art Resin because it always cures clear and comes in a variety sizes. Resin in the studio for me means being able to coat paintings with an archival finish which keeps them protected, making castings to create different shapes and designs and even using resin as the strongest glue ever when needed." 

– Carley

Holbein Artists' Gouache Irodori Sets

"The Holbein Artist Gouache Seasonal Sets, They have a unique range of colours that are hard to find, especially for watercolour gouache. They also have a wonderfully smooth application, and dry very opaque and matte." 

– Kate

Opus Essential Watercolour in Lavender

"I chose the Opus Essential Watercolour in Lavender. I use this frequently to mix with other pigments to create a cooler tone that I can use for shadows. It also is perfect for adding a touch of colour to stormy skies and snow. It's become a staple for my watercolour palette." 

– Rachel

Laguna Modeling Clays

"My staff pick is the Laguna Clay, specifically modeling clay in white. It is an essential product for my practice, as it is the main material for me to create a piece of diningware, or sculpture. Without that I wouldn't be able to create anything!!" 

– Harlex

Opus Finest Palette Knives

"My staff pick is our Opus Finest Palette Knives. These tools are essential to my practice because I like to mix my own colours. They are sturdy enough to withstand my heavy-handedness, while also sporting smooth edges that don't scrape up my plexi palette as much as other brands I've tried. "

– Wyatt

Ampersand Artbords

"I picked Ampersand artbords. They are Archival surfaces that are ready to go (outside or inside). The slim panels are perfect for tight storage spaces and the choice of surface makes it a great choice with most mediums. "

– Silvia

Opus Exhibition Primed Cradled Wood Panels

"I chose the Opus Primed Wooden Cradled Panels. They give me an already prepped surface to start working on as soon as creativity strikes." 

– Alicia

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