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From painters to printmakers, sculptors to stencillers, what is it about the products we use that elevates our creativity? Is there a certain tool that’s become so integral to our unique process, we couldn’t imagine life without it? Or maybe we’ve discovered a new material that’s unlocked a completely different perspective on our work? 

Share your art, materials, and stories in our #OpusMaterialsAtWork gallery!

Get inspired to tell us about your most essential art materials - listen to our Materials At Work Podcast: Part One

1. Share For A Chance to Win

Share an art material that has made a difference in your art practice on instagram with the hashtag #OpusMaterialsAtWork. How has it impacted your time in the studio, changed the way you work, or pushed your creativity to the next level? We'll be selecting several entries to WIN a $50 Opus Gift Card.

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Browse entries from the community below! Get discovered, share your thoughts, and join in on the conversation.

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