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Nitram presents "Peaceful Thoughts" by Marco Campos
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Marco Campos is a contemporary figurative painter from Costa Rica, who works primarily in oil painting, watercolor, and charcoal, among other mediums. 

He pursues a contemporary realism achieved mainly by tonal values and slight shifts of hues, always trying to maintain a fine balance between careful details and looser brushstrokes. Marco’s art is inspired by the works of the Old Masters and is also notable for evoking strong emotions such as nostalgia, calmness, or sadness. 

Since you can easily lift it up with a wet brush, Nitram Fusain Aquarelle gives you all the freedom you need to create your best work.

Marco Campos, Costa Rica


Create transparent washes or extra fine lines. Mix with water to paint directly onto paper or other absorbent substrate. Nitram Fusain Aquarelle is easily absorbed and dries quickly. 

The Nitram Aquarelle easy to store tin travels well and keeps the contents in its place. 

Nitram Fusain Aquarelle is made with Nitram Powdered Charcoal and natural ingredients. Highly pigmented - contains no additional colorant.

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