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How To: Painting with Golden OPEN Acrylics featuring Bob McMurray
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Enhance Your Plein Air Painting with Golden Open Acrylics

Golden Open Acrylics are specially formulated to remain wet longer, giving you more time to blend and shade, even in warmer weather. Watch our featured video with Bob McMurray, FCA signature member, as he shares his tips and techniques for using Golden Open Acrylics outdoors and in the studio.

"Golden OPEN Acrylics extend my time out on location and allow me to achieve the same blending and shading techniques I love with oils," says Bob McMurray.

Why You'll Love Golden Open Acrylics:

  • Extended Working Time : Perfect for blending and achieving smooth gradients.
  • Versatility : Ideal for both outdoor and studio settings.
  • Weather Resistant : Stay creative even in warmer conditions.

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