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Art Is A Gift : The Life and Legacy of Gordon Smith
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"My best advice to anyone at all is you’ve got to have an open mind."

Gordon Smith

In this episode of Living A Creative Life, we’re celebrating the life of artist Gordon A. Smith

Renowned Canadian artist Gordon A. Smith, co-founder of Artists for Kids, epitomized the idea that art is a gift. Painting until the age of 100, his lifelong dedication to creativity was a journey he generously shared throughout his career, leaving an indelible and far-reaching impact. 


Interviewees Hilary Letwin of the West Vancouver Art Museum, Meredith Preuss of The Gordon & Marion Smith Foundation For Young Artists, and family friend John David James recount stories and sentiments about Gordon Smith, his life and his career, all steeped in a passion for creativity and art education. 

To see more of Gordon A. Smith's artwork, and learn more about this amazing artist, visit: 

Equinox Gallery - The Estate of Gordon Smith | Artist

James Rottman Fine Art - Gordon Appelbe Smith
Vancouver Art Gallery - Gordon Smith: The Black Paintings

gordon Smith  Pachino 43, 1993
Gordon Smith
 Pachino 43, 1993, acrylic on tarpaulin 
 Gift of Leon and Joan Tuey
Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery
Gordon Smith  Tanu, 1995  acrylic on canvas
Gordon Smith
 Tanu, 1995, acrylic on canvas