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Talens | Pantone Markers: First Impressions with Vic Hollins
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In this video, artist and Talens Ambassador, Vic Hollins unboxes the new Talens | Pantone Markers, sharing her first impressions while demonstrating various activities such as swatching, creating colour wheels, experimenting with basic techniques for beginners, and exploring different drawing styles. 

The markers stand out for their utilization of the Pantone Matching System (PMS), a colour standardization system facilitating precise colour matching and identification. An illustrative scenario involves an interior designer needing a specific paint colour for a client, where these markers enable the designer to sketch with the exact colour required.


00:00 - Unbox 

01:36 - Swatch

04:28 - Marker Basic Techniques

08:43 - Blending Thoughts

10:12 - Layering / Colour Wheel

10:56 - Cherries Drawing

12:27 - Owl Drawing

14:03 - Pros & Cons 

Colour chart created using the Talens | Pantone Markers

Top Image: Pantone | Royal Talens Markers Colour Swatches 

image with swatches of Talens | Pantone Markers created using various techniques

Top Image: Various drawing techniques using Talens | Pantone Markers

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About the Artist

Vic Hollins, a Tucson-based illustrator with a BFA in illustration, draws inspiration from the desert's beauty. Her diverse artistic portfolio includes a comic book series, a self-published card game, and original illustrations available on Etsy. As an Art Ambassador for Royal Talens, she conducts international workshops and collaborates with renowned distributors like Sakura and Ampersand, while her personal interests include her family, cats, chai, and old Mopars.

Website: vichollins.com
Instagram: @vichollinsart  
Etsy: vichollinsart.etsy.com