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Sandeep Johal on Taking On Taboos
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I love talking about things that are uncomfortable. I want people to think about how it relates to themselves, their lives and the way we can effect change together, because it's so important it's done in a collaborative way.

- Sandeep Johal

This video is part of our Living a Creative Life series.

Not all of us make a living selling art, but creativity is essential to everything we do. It can help us navigate the highs and lows of life, constantly bubbling beneath the surface of our thoughts and emotions. So, what can we learn from those who have dedicated their lives to their craft? 

Take the 80-year-old poet and painter who reflects back on a lifelong "addiction to art." Or the successful illustrator and muralist who confronts male violence towards women, yet didn't embark on her career until the age of 41. And what about the mixed media creator who not only balances her own work with running a community of artists, but who also grapples with the emotional impact of a deeply personal show? She explored her harrowing and unresolved IVF journey in the public domain. 

Their stories show that there is no one way to define a creative life. Each of us has a unique relationship with our art.