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Introducing 20 New QoR Watercolors
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QoR Artist Watercolors (pronounced “core”) is manufactured by Golden Artist Colors.
The proprietary binder accentuates the luminosity and brilliance of pigments even after they dry. QoR provides the subtlety, transparency and flow of a great watercolor, with colors that have as much vibrancy and fire as the best acrylic or oil paint. Used in combination with QoR Mediums and Grounds, artists can increase gloss, improve flow or wetting and provide different textured surfaces, for greater control and creativity.

Qor Watercolor

Now, 20 new QoR colors give artists even more opportunity to add richness into their artwork. This expansion includes 11 single-pigment colors, as well as a range of interference and color-shift interference colors – some of which were previously only available in the popular QoRReflective Set. With this introduction, artists can now choose from 96 brilliant and bold colors, including beloved granulators, clean bright colors, chromatic neutrals, and dazzling iridescent colours.

Qor Watercolor Swatches

Explore QoR Watercolor's 20 New Colors

 Isoindolinone Yellow

Isoindolinone Yellow (Series: 1)

A smooth, bright, and bold pigmentwhich offers watercolorists a rich shade of yellow. This is a semi-opaque, semi-staining,single pigment color.

Naples Yellow Deep

Naples Yellow Deep (Series: 1) 

It's a brighter orange-yellow than the earthier Naples Yellow. Like Naples Yellow, it is also semi-opaque, but it is more staining. It can be beautiful subtle muted yellow when let out, and more vibrant in its mass tone.

Brown Umber - Natural (Series: 1)

Sometimes known as Brown IronOxide, this natural version is the warmest Raw Umber we’ve ever seen. It is semi-opaque and staining.

Paynes Gray - Violet

Paynes Gray - Violet (Series: 1) 

A beautiful dark shadowy violet. This blended color is warmer than Paynes Grey, especially when let out with water.

Phthalo Blue - Red Shade

Phthalo Blue - Red Shade (Series 1) 
The reddish variation on this versatile blue pigment. Phthalo’s are known for their exceptionally strong tint strengths. When used thickly it is dark and opaque, but phthalo makes beautiful transparent glazes. The warm tone inherent to the red shade variation becomes more pronounced as the pigment is let out with water. This is a transparent, high staining, single pigment color.

Benzimidazolone Burnt Orange

Benzimidazolone Burnt Orange (Series: 2)
A newly introduced single pigment color treads into the color space lost with the discontinued Quinacridone Burnt Orange. This is a transparent, staining color.

Disazo Scarlet

Disazo Scarlet (Series: 2) 

Disazo Scarlet is the brightest orange red available in QoR. It is a semi-opaque, single pigment color, which offers excellent staining and granulation.

Pyrrole Orange

Pyrrole Orange (Series: 2)

Finally Pyrrole Orange comes to QoR! A deeper orange with Vermillion qualities, Pyrrole Orange is a single pigment, is semi-opaque and has excellent lightfastness and staining qualities. This is a more opaque color than Transparent Pyrrole Orange.

Qor Watercolour - Interference Colors

Interference Violet, Red, Blue, Green (Series 2)

Interference Colors offer a unique “flip” when viewed from different angles. Colors flip between a bright opalescent color and its complement. 

Over white or lighter surfaces, the color is more subtle, and the “flip” effect is more obvious. Over black or dark surfaces the color is more obvious, and the “flip”effect is less dramatic. Adding a very small amount of black to Interference Colors produces deeper opalescent effects.

Perylene Violet

Perylene Violet (Series: 3) 

A muted violet, in stark contrast to the other vibrant violets offered in QoR. This color expands QoR’s range of shadowy colors. This is a semi-opaque, staining color.

Ultramarine Pink Dark

Ultramarine Pink Dark (Series 3)

This single pigment color lightly steps into the color space left vacant by the unfortunate discontinuation of Cobalt Violet –though darker and more opaque. It is semi-opaque and offers excellent staining and granulation.

Iridescent Copper (Series: 3)
This color has a reddish appearance for a very convincing copper look. Develop nonfading, non-tarnishing metallic finishes. Can be mixed to add a shimmering effect to other colors.

Qor Watercolour - Iridescent Copper

 Perylene Crimson

Perylene Crimson (Series: 4)
A permanent, deep rich crimson with cool overtones and warm, yellowish undertones. This is a semi-transparent, staining, single pigment color.

Cadmium Purple

Cadmium Purple (Series: 4) 
This single pigment cadmium presents a luscious greyish purple. A purple of the shadows - not a purple that shouts. It is even more muted than the Perylene Violet. This is a semi-opaque, semi-staining color with exceptional granulation.

Qor Watercolor - Interference Color Shifting

Interference Violet-Green, Green-Orange, Green-Blue Shift Colors (Series 4)

These unique pigments allows multiple colors to be reflected atdifferent viewing angles, which results in the shift between the two main hues.

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Article Resource: Seth Golden from GOLDEN Artist Colors