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Exploring GOLDEN High Flow Acrylic Colors - Now with 37 NEW Colours!
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37 NEW Colours of GOLDEN High Flow Acrylics Are Here!

With the introduction of 37 NEW colours, Golden High Flow offers a palette of 86 colours including many single-pigment colours, as well as Fluorescent and Iridescent colours. While it acts like an ink, it’s an acrylic, so it's compatible with other GOLDEN Acrylic colours and mediums, too! Explore some of the new colours available in the videos below:

Light Value Colours:


Primary Colours:

Interference & Iridescents:

Historical Colours:

What's High Flow For?

This exciting paint is often overlooked, but offers different working qualities than its higher viscosity counterparts, and enables you to work with it for airbrushing, using with dip pens, technical pens and fillable paint makers, as well as using it with a brush for painting details or creating washes. 

Watch to see how the new Golden High Flow Acrylic Colors look and behave in this detailed video from Golden Artist Colors:

Explore Golden High Flow Acrylic Colors