Together Program
Transforming Lives through Art: Opus Art Supplies' Support for Emily Carr University Students
Together Program

Did you know, there's a special connection between Opus Art Supplies and Emily Carr University?


For nearly five decades, Opus has been more than just an art supply store; it's been a beacon of support for students pursuing their artistic dreams. In this article, we explore  our relationship with our former neighbour, Emily Carr University, and our commitment to the students at Emily Carr University through scholarships, bursaries, and Opus Graduation Awards.

Opus Essential Acrylic Colour Tubes in front of the Emily Carr University Sign
Opus Essential Tubes held in front of Emily Carr University

Our Commitment To Education

Opus Art Supplies, founded by David van Berkel in 1974, has a long-standing commitment to fostering education and the arts. Situated as neighbors to Emily Carr University on Granville Island for decades, the connection between the two institutions came naturally. Opus has always valued artists and helped others pursue their artistic dreams, both through its Opus A+ Student Membership and by supporting art education initiatives across British Columbia. 

Supporting Students: Scholarships, Bursaries, and Opus Graduation Rewards

Opus Art Supplies' support for Emily Carr University students takes shape in various forms. Opus is passionate about providing means to support Graduation Awards, bestowed upon graduates of Master's and Bachelor's of Fine Art programs. Additionally, Opus maintains a fund to provide Bursaries to students in need and, finally,  scholarships for the Masters of Fine Arts program. These awards play a crucial role in alleviating financial pressures on artists pursuing their educational journey and we are so thrilled to be able to offer them in partnership with Emily Carr University.


"Your generosity goes beyond the financial aspect. It is an honour and instilled in me a sense of confidence and motivation to pursue my artistic journey with dedication and resilience."

Recipient of an Opus Entrance Scholarship, MFA

Impact on Student

These awards have a huge impact on the lives of artsits and we are proud to share some of the heartwarming messages we received. One Emily Carr Student, who faced economic hardships due to pandemic policies in their home country, found relief through Opus's scholarship, enabling them to push through and achieve the next goal in their creative journey. Another student expressed their gratitude for the entrance scholarship which instilled confidence and dedication in their artistic practice. There is a persistent theme we've noticed in the many Thank You messages we've received, and that is the transformative power of art and the belief in pushing creative boundaries as a result of receiving an award or scholarship.

Here's to the relentless pursuit of knowledge

As we celebrate the past and present, we look forward to an exciting future of unwavering support for budding artists and the relentless pursuit of education. Opus Art Supplies remains dedicated to uplifting aspiring talents, providing scholarships, bursaries, and graduation awards, and fostering the creative journey. We encourage all artists to embrace the transformative power of education and art. Your pursuit of knowledge and expression is a beacon of inspiration.


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Emily Carr University for being an exceptional partner in this journey. Their commitment to nurturing artistic minds and the vibrant campus life, even in the face of challenges, is truly commendable. Together, we aspire to continue shaping the futures of artists and celebrating the boundless possibilities of artistic expression.


In unity, we look ahead to the artists who are and will continue to pursue education, enriching the world with their creativity.