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New Custom Frame Moulding for Spring 2023
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Creativity Beyond The Canvas:
Frame Your Art In Style

We are excited to announce the expansion of our frame moulding line up at the Opus Workshop. This season, we’re proud to add new metallics, neutrals, and colourful Carnival-inspired mouldings. Each new addition was thoughtfully chosen to enhance your artwork with unique and contemporary frames.

A group shot of the new frame mouldings available at Opus Art Supplies
New frame mouldings arrive at Opus Art supplies in Vancouver​​

A good frame is like a good suit; it should enhance, but never overshadow, the art that it surrounds.

- Mary Anne Mohanraj

The Petite III (3/4") Frame Moulding
The Petite III (3/4") is classic and sophisticated​​
The Andover 2–11/16"
The Andover 2–11/16" is elegant and bold​​

Let's talk about the new additions!

Let's get to know each new frame moulding so you can go in to Opus Art Supplies with an idea of what frame moulding you may like best.

The two frame mouldings above, the Petits III Frame Moulding and the Andover Frame Moulding, are perfect for those who seek a contemporary look for their artwork. 

The Petits III 3/4" Frame Moulding, available in Brushed Nickel, Brushed Brass, Brushed Steel, and Brushed Bronze, features a cube profile type and a foiled and patina finish with a satin sheen on an Aspen substrate.

The Andover 2-11/16" Frame Moulding, available in Gold and Silver, features a flat rounded arch with a foiled and distressed finish giving off a satin sheen on a Pine substrate, giving it a modern look. 

The Petite III (13/16") features a slim body with textured details​​
The vibrant Carnivale mouldings offer several fun colours​​

The next two, the Petites III (13/16") Frame Moulding and Carnival Frame Moulding, offer a bold accent to frame your artwork.

The Petites III 13/16" Frame Moulding, available in Bronze, Gold, Pewter, and Silver, features a bevel/slope profile type and a foiled and patina finish with a satin sheen on an Aspen substrate. This moulding adds a contemporary but classic feel with the added benefit of texture.

The Carnival Frame Moulding, available in Deep Sea Blue, Hibiscus Pink, Chili, Sangria Red, and Golden Sun, features a playful look with it's painted and distressed finish giving off a matte sheen. The strong frame moulding features a Pine substrate. Inspired by the Carnival festivities in Rio de Janeiro, these frame mouldings will bring a festive and vibrant touch to your artwork.

The Colosseum Frame Moulding
The Colosseum marries classic and contemporary styles​​
The Andover 5/8" is a go-to look for contemporary and​​ casually elegant interiors

The final group of frame moulding additions at Opus Art Supplies workshop in Vancouver, BC are perfect for those who seek a sophisticated yet elegant look for their artwork.

The Andover (5/8") Frame Moulding, available in Suede, Silver, Gold, and Black, features a bevel/slope profile type and a foiled and distressed finish with a satin sheen on an Aspen substrate. 

The Colosseum Frame Moulding, available in Black Oxide (3/4)" and Black Oxide (1–1/2"), features a classic and contemporary design inspired by the stepped structure of the Roman Colosseum. The frame moulding has a foiled and patina finish with a matte sheen on a Bayous substrate, offering a timeless and sophisticated look for your artwork.