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5 Things To Know About Our New Website
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We are so excited to have ushered in a new online experience to better serve our art community. With change comes a period of adjustments and learning. There are still bugs to work out and we appreciate feedback that helps us create a better experience for everyone.

How to get access to your existing account from our old website

We have moved over existing accounts to our new system. The email address you had on your account is now your username. Your password will need to be reset. If you have any trouble, feel free to reach out to our customer support team by phone, chat, or email.

Unfortunately, order history from our old system is not available on the customer side, but we can help by phone at 1.800.663.6953. 


Our Universal Search Helps You Find Your Favourite Art Materials

The new site features a search that not only shows you products but also, blogs, resources, podcasts, collections, and pages! So... basically the entire website ;) Search away!


Gift Cards Can Now Be Used Online & In-Store

Our gift cards have long been made of plastic that is difficult to recycle. For our new website we have transitioned to a new gift card system that allows eGift Cards sent by email AND new cardstock gift cards that are easy to recycle. Both of these cards can be used either in-store or online. 

Please note: To obtain a physical gift card, please visit in-store or place an order by phone and specify you would like a physical card. The online store sends a digital card by email by default.


Product Pages have drop-downs

We are testing a new drop-down feature for products with different sizes and shapes. This feature helps you narrow down to your perfect item!

If for some reason the image doesn't reflect the product you selected, it's most likely because we are still missing many images for our products. Unfortunately that is one area that didn't transfer over smoothly from our old system. Please know we're actively working on filling in those missing images :)


Product Category Filters

We now have filters to help you sift through our massive selection of the worlds best art materials. 



How are you finding the new website? If you have any feedback positive or constructive, please let us know! We're actively fixing bugs and tidying things up.