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Opus Arietta Acrylic Brushes

Opus Arietta Acrylic Brushes
Opus Arietta Acrylic Brushes

Opus Art Supplies

Opus Arietta Acrylic Brushes

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Lay down dense swathes of acrylic with these loaded brushes.

Opus Arietta Acrylic Brushes are perfectly suited to acrylic painting. Soft, interlocked synthetic fibre hairs ensure maximum paint load for creating dense colour and dramatic stroke contrast. The long, polished wood handles allow a range of hand positions and maximum control. The Opus Arietta is a quality brush at an excellent price.

Grade Artist
Suggested Medium Acrylic
Bristle Material Synthetic
Bristle Firmness Soft
Handle Length Long
Handle Material Wood
Availability Round & Flat in a variety of sizes and a set of 5
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jessica F.
Great value tough brushes for Oil painting

I love these brushes and buy them often, they're good value and hold up to heavy oils

Lorraine D.

I haven't even finished painting the first canvas and the brush is already "splaying and fraying" (not holding it's shape). I am a "gentle" style painter, not scrubbing with my brushes. Also I clean my brushes immediately after I finish painting and rarely leave them standing on their bristles in a container.

Christine P.
The stars don’t work on my iPhone as soon as I try to add one more they disappear

Excellent brush and excellent and pleasant service