Why choose a mounted print?

Simply put, mounted prints combine modern appeal with highly durable panels!

Facemount Printing

We create Facemount Prints by permanently bonding a paper print behind a clear acrylic substrate. Light refracts through the acrylic in front, making the colours pop and providing a 3D-like effect.

This unique process adds a striking high-gloss finish, while making the image appear sharper than ever before! Facemount Prints are available with 3 mm or 6 mm thick acrylic.

Aluminum Panel Prints

Aluminum Panels or E-PANEL prints are a clean and industrial way to display your print. Your work can be on matte or gloss photo paper, which is mounted to a lightweight yet durable aluminum composite panel.

These panels are chemically stable and will not discolour the paper over time.

How to Hang Mounted Prints: The C-Bar System

The C-Bar Hanging System adds to the sleek and modern look of mounted prints. This method of hanging raises the print from the hanging surface, giving the print a floating appearance. C-Bars are available in 5/8" and 1 1/4" deep profiles.

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