Winsor & Newton

Winton Oil Colours - Brown or Green

Winton Oil Colours - Brown or Green

Winsor & Newton

Winton Oil Colours - Brown or Green

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Made from high-quality pigments, Winton Oil Colours are durable, lightfast and permanent. Delivering consistent colour every time, their ready-to-use formulation means you can effortlessly work at any scale. The bright and beautiful colours are perfect for artists who need large quantities of colour and also for first-time artists learning the fundamentals of oil painting. The formulation, manufacturing and quality control of Winton Oil Colour ensures a dependable working paint.

Increasing the choice and range with eight new accessible colours, your palette can be broader than ever.

Explore the enhanced spectrum with:

Dark colours:

Quinacridone Deep Pink: a magenta with a bluer undertone that leans between Magenta and Cobalt Violet Hue

Phthalo Deep Green: a deep muted grey-green that provides a range of dark subtle tons

Dark Verdigris: deep green with a very deep mass tone and natural green undertones that leans between Sap Green and Oxide of Chromium

Vibrant colours:

Cadmium Scarlet Hue: a vibrant, semi-opaque red with rich orange mid-tones and a soft yellow undertone

Dioxazine Blue: a rich violet with a beautiful blue-violet undertone that leans between Dioxazine Purple and French Ultramarine

Phthalo Yellow Green:

bright yellow-green with a clean, mid-green mass tone and a soft pale lime undertone with a rich yellow bias

Azo colours:

Azo Yellow Green: a yellow with green overtones offering a softer muted addition to the palette

Azo Brown: sits well within the ochres and umbers with a warm soft pink tone, although not an actual earth colour

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