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One Minute Watercolor Roses with Willow Wolfe
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Get ready to bloom with these simple stroke watercolour roses!

Get ready to bloom with these simple stroke flowers. These strokes are great foundational elements that can be used in all your painting and help develop great brush control. Visit our YouTube channel to watch how these flowers are painted step-by-step. 

PLUS, watch Willow's video below alongside this article to get the most out of the tutorial!

Use what you learn in this tutorial to create customized cards, home decor, gift tags and more.

Supplies for this Tutorial

  1. Watercolour Flowers Brush Set (Set includes a 2, 6, 12 Round and 6 Filbert)
  2. Watercolour Paint
    1. Yellow Light
    2. Permanent Red Light
    3. Quinacridone Rose
    4. Ultramarine Blue
    5. Sap Green
  3. Watercolour Paper

Optional Supplies

  • Grey Transfer Paper
  • White Gouache
  • Pencil

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One Minute Watercolour Roses Video Tutorial

Painting One Minute Roses

These little roses are done freehand by applying little semi circles around a center point.  Try to imagine the are facing the sun, shining upward. 

Begin at the center point and make little half circles going around that center point. The roses are darker in the middle, which means you use less water in your paint and as you work outward around the center, you gradually add a bit more water.  When you’ve done a layer or two of strokes, rinse your brush and work the strokes into the background with a bit of water, leaving some white space. Continue to work outward adding more and more water. 

Willow Wolfe

Willow Wolfe

Willow Wolfe is widely recognized for challenging and modernizing today’s world of art supplies and education.  Willow is an award winning art teacher, the author of a library of internationally available books and the designer of best-selling brush lines for over twenty years.

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