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Must-Know Techniques For Faber-Castell Pitt Pens
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Ink drawings have a very long artistic tradition in many countries. The expressiveness and covering power of ink, along with its permanence and ability to be combined with many other painting techniques, have ensured that this medium has consistently sparked the interest of artists and graphic designers.

Faber-Castell has now brought together all of the advantages of drawing in Indian ink in a modern and uncomplicated disposable pen – the Pitt Artist Pen. The high-quality brush point will continue to function even when bent, and will not break under these conditions. The light colours are transparent, and thus well suited to varnishing techniques, while the dark colours have good covering qualities. Pitt Artist Pens have unsurpassed light-fastness, and the individual colours are marked with an asterisk-based code.

The lighter the colour of the Pitt Artist Pen india ink pen, the more transparent it is. The darker the colour, the more covering it naturally is. This pen also offers interesting possibilities for mixed techniques, e.g. with Albrecht Dürer artist’s watercolour pencils.

The newest product in the Pitt Artist Pen Family is the White Pitt Artist Pen. Using white Pitt Artist Pens on dark substrates highlights the best of their properties. The white India ink works on construction paper, photo mount boards and dyed wood. The white ink stroke also excels in terms of its high opacity even on canvases primed in black.

Techniques To Know


Colour depth, rich colours and different light intensities can be created by repeated laydowns of the same colour.


The waterbased ink with watercolour characteristics allows it to create brilliant colour mixtures and bright colour shades by interfering areas with each other.

Mixing Technique with Pitt Artist Pen White:

You can use white Pitt Artist Pens in combination with coloured Pitt Artist Pens to create colour blends ranging from soft to strong.


The India ink of the Pitt Artist Pen develops a dynamic flowability in wet areas. Once dry, the colour is waterproof, permanent and can be painted over.


The dry Pitt Artist Pen can be worked over with a water-soluble Albrecht Dürer pencil or watercolour without dissolving again. The luminance and colour depth remains intensive and stable.

Nib varieties

The Pitt Artist Pen is available in various line widths. This way the artist may select from a range of fine nibs to brush tip, depending on the type of nib that is needed for creating the artwork. By varying the angles of holding the brush tip, one can create manifold line widths and areas.


The density of a hatching pattern determines the value of the object drawn. The closer the white lines are drawn to each other, the brighter the object appears on this area.


Besides lines, dots can also be used to create an illustration. This painting style is called pointillism and was a popular artistic technique in the late 19th century.

Similar to hatching, in pointillism the density of the dots determines the values of a picture.


The white Pitt Artist Pen is the perfect medium for adding light to a picture. Thanks to its high opacity, the ink can be applied effortlessly on layers of dried watercolour, graphite, artists' coloured pencils or coloured ink.

Creative Techniques 

White Pitt Artist Pens not only are excellent for drawing, but also can be used for painting.

You can create an interesting effect by spraying water directly onto the nib of a pen held vertically. The liquid carrying pigments will drip onto the substrate to form circular ink spots.


The Pitt Artist Pen Calligraphy has a wedge-shaped nib, which allows the user to draw different kinds of lettering by varying the pen's position and angle. We recommend applying more pressure when drawing vertical downward strokes, and less pressure when drawing upward strokes.


The mix of material is the essence of collages. The art of collage lies in creatively putting together an eclectic mix of media, such as found items, fabrics and calligraphic elements. White Pitt Artist Pens give monochrome pictures a touch of extravagance as well as polish up coloured paintings through accents and white underpaintings.

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