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HORADAM AQUARELL Supergranulating Watercolours from Schmincke
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Exploring Schmincke's Supergranulating Watercolours

The special feature of the supergranulating HORADAM AQUARELL watercolour colours is noticeable immediately when applying the paint with a brush. The otherwise even colour structure of the watercolour appears kind of broken and uneven. There are also pigment agglomerations on rough paper, which are caused by the settling of the heavy pigments in the paper indentations. 

Schmincke has taken advantage of this property for the 40 supergranulating colours and have now - after their great success - included them in their standard HORADAM range. Watch the video as Anna Zadorozhnaya, Schmincke Artist and Ambassador, demonstrates and explains how these gorgeous colours function and how she integrates them into her watercolour paintings.

The most dramatic effects from supergranulating watercolours occur when they are used on cold press or rough watercolour papers, as the surface texture of the paper has more variation, providing dips in the surface for the granules to settle into.

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