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Choosing A Readymade Frame At Opus
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Framing your artwork is an important step in the end stages of finishing your piece.

Adding a frame not only tidies the edges and gives it a clean appearance, it will also add a professional feel to your finished artwork and protect it from bumps and environmental impacts such as sunlight and dust when glass is added.

This guide will take you through our house brand frame selection with information about which types of frames are suitable for each type of art.

Frames for Works on Canvas or Cradled Wood Panels:


Opus Wood Canvas Frames feature an elegant front-loading design that is ideal for displaying works of art on canvas or cradled wood panels.

These readymade wood frames’ front-loading design makes them ideal for displaying your artwork from edge to edge, including a small slice of the side of the painting. The Whistler Slim fits a ¾” deep surface and the Whistler Deep will accommodate surfaces up to 1½” deep.


Highly versatile, the Opus Quadra Pre-cut Metal Framing System provides a clean, modern presentation for both standard and unusual sizes of canvas and cradled wood panel.

By choosing your preferred sizes for the width and height of your surface, you can quickly and easily get a frame for an unusual size without the expense of a custom frame. Choose from 14 lengths, ranging from 8˝ to 60˝. Slim and Deep profiles accommodate ¾˝ to 1½˝ deep.

Frames for Works on Paper:


Opus Bowen Frames are simple, contemporary wood frames that are suitable for exhibiting professional works of art on paper, photography, documents and certificates. The classic, clean-line design of the Bowen Frames provides a great way to protect and present work in a way that will outlast many framing and home decor trends.

Opus Bowen Frames Frames provide a good visual balance without overpowering a person's ability to view the work inside the frame.

Opus Bowen Frames are available in 2 painted finishes. Black frames are the most common finish for frames being used for exhibition purposes. White frames are particularly popular with photographers, illustrators and interior designers, as they are very neutral.


A frame with depth and style, the Luna Shadow Frame offers an archivally-sound presentation of works of art on paper, panel, and board. Its 1/2" spacer adds inner depth, allowing for artworks to be float mounted, framed edge-to-edge, or framed with a traditional mat.

Designed by Opus president, David van Berckel, this multi-purpose frame may be used for float mounting artwork and framing artwork edge-to-edge. A removable resin spacer sits between the glass and the back mat, adding internal depth to highlight the light and shadows of your artwork while keeping it a safe distance from the glass without the use of a mat.

The shadow format is ideal for presenting works with raised surfaces or edges that you wish to highlight such as works on rag paper, panel or board, mixed media, and vintage photographs.


The Opus Granville Frame is a metal frame with a wood veneer to give you the best of both worlds; durable strength to protect your art or photography with a stylish appearance.

A traditional frame with minimalist right angles and neutral finishes, the Granville Frame is ideal for anyone who prefers a natural wood texture for their frames, and no extra fuss or decoration to allow the beauty of the natural wood to complement the art displayed inside.

The Granville Frame has some similar qualities to the Cypress Frame, such as a wood exterior with an internal metal structure, and both frames offer a clean and contemporary look. However, unlike the Cypress, the Granville’s glass layer sits closer to the front-most edge of the frame, while the Cypress creates depth by having its glass sitting back inside the frame half an inch. Having the glass near the front rather than deeper within the frame creates a classic and traditional mood.

Try the Granville Frame for your photographs or any work of art on paper that you’d like to finish with a traditional, natural touch.


The Opus Cypress Frame is a metal frame created to look like wood, to give you the best of both worlds; durable strength to protect your art or photography with a stylish appearance.

The design is sleek, angular and minimal, making it attractive by contemporary standard, yet classic and simple enough to ensure it will remain a timeless and beautiful piece for decades to come. The Cypress Frame has been thoughtfully designed with photography and works of art on paper in mind.

Offered in Black, Light Grey, Natural and White, you'll be able to select the best colour to accent the work you are framing and fit into any room decor seamlessly. The glass in the Cypress frame is set half an inch back from the frontmost part of the frame, creating a small ledge inside the front. When viewed head-on, the Cypress offers the thinnest frame visibility across the West Coast Frames line by Opus, yet at an angle, the ledge comes into view, creating interesting visual lines and greater depth.

Try the Cypress Frame for your photographs or any work of art on paper that you'd like to finish with a modern, minimal touch.


Opus' owner, David van Berckel, developed the Opus Metal Exhibition Frame in the mid-70s, taking inspiration from the frames he saw when visiting the galleries and museums of Europe. Drawing on his engineering degree, he designed a frame that is highly functional for exhibition use, allowing users to easily change out artwork.

Trevor from Opus Print Space sets the framework for the features and assembly of our ever-popular Opus Metal Exhibition Frame in this quick and simple video.

This frame has become renowned for its simplicity, quality of construction, and ease of reuse. For nearly 40 years, it has stood the test of time, becoming a staple item for professional artists, photographers, museums, art galleries, and schools alike.

The Opus Metal Exhibition Frame (or "OMEX" to those who know it well) has also become widely used in home decor as its universal quality showcases artwork in a classic style that is beyond trend.


The Opus COHO Pre-cut Metal Framing System has a thin profile and a simple aesthetic that frames your artwork without overwhelming it. It is highly versatile with a range of lengths allowing you to create your desired frame size without  waiting for a custom frame order. Simply choose your preferred sizes for the width and height of your artwork, and assemble. These frames are ideal for works of art on paper or artboard and photographs, and come in 17 lengths from 8˝ to 30˝. Glass and backing are sold separately so if you’re framing works on thin wood or canvas panels, you’ll pay for only what you need.

Opus Frame Shells

Opus newest expansion to readymade frames are our Frame Shells, which are exactly so, just the shell! You get to choose your glass, backing, and matting.

We now have 5 styles to choose from: add modern flair with our new Nickel and Brass metallic finishes, or choose from west coast inspired Walnut, White Birch, and Charcoal. 

These frame shells come in standard sizes and as an option for custom-sized frames, West Coast Frames and mouldings are perfect for all your art needs. Plus, knowing the mouldings used for these frames were made in partnership with The Green Fund, you can feel good about contributing to tree planting in the local community.

Framing - In Conclusion

Whether you’re framing a painting on a canvas or paper, or a sacred family photo or document, we’re here to help you get the frame you need to protect your treasured piece and prepare it for exhibition - in a gallery or a home.

Many of our frames’ mouldings are also available for custom framing, so if you need a size outside of the range we carry in readymade and want to ensure it matches your other frames, be sure to ask one of our staff members, and they will be happy to assist you in finding the right options.

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